Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Life Isn't Fair

The Tigers have announced that they have released left-hander Fu-Te Ni from Triple A Toledo. Son of a bitch!

Let's look at our updated list.

Nate Robertson
Gary Sheffield
Jeremy Bonderman
Joel Zumaya
Brad Thomas
Casper Wells
Will Rhymes
David Pauley
Clete Thomas
Brandon Inge
Don Kelly
Fu-Te Ni

Delmon and Raburn will be gone at the end of the year, if not sooner. What's that gonna leave me to work with? Boesch? Crazy Mike and Double D? Ugh.

QUIT GETTING RID OF ALL MY SILLY CHARACTERS, DETROIT! Do NOT make me actually have to think to come up with material! Pricks.

Sigh. Falewerr my fliend. Good ruck whelevel you end up. Sank you.


dishnet34 said...

Yeah, when I read that earlier, I immediately thought to myself, "How's Rogo gonna react when he hears this?".

Damian56xx said...

Wrong oh wonderous and all-seeing ROGOnac!! 
Guess who went unclaimed by any MLB club after being DFAed by the Tigers?Its...Donnie Kelly, who was assigned to AAA Toledo this afternoon...muaahahahaa!!