Sunday, July 22, 2012

Second Base Insanity

There’s nothing quite like watching your baseball team when they are hotter than Kate Upton posing next to a case of beer and a plate of bacon. Yet some people are never satisfied. A guy came into the bar yesterday with a Tigers hat on. I got him a drink and said something about the team overtaking first place.

“Yeah. But they’re not going to keep it without getting a second baseman. Ryan Raburn is terrible.”

Never mind that Ramon Santiago and Danny Worth have seen the majority of the time there lately because, yeah, Raburn is awful this year. Never mind that the team is streaking and has taken claim of the AL Central. No, people are STILL hung up on second base, as if it’s the most important offensive position on the baseball diamond. And what topped it off is when he told me who he wanted the team to get. And it’s a thought I’ve seen repeated over and over by Tiger fans the past couple months.

And it’s insane.

The guy they want will be 37 years old in October. He is currently hitting .256 with 2 homers and 19 RBI in 81 games. His OBP is a lowly .302. His OPS+ is 71. His OPS+ last year was 86. The guy hasn’t shown the ability to be healthy in a couple years. And did I mention he has only played 13 games at second base since the start of the 2010 season?

Oh, and he makes $6.25 million this year? With a mutual option for $5.5 million next year?
The player is Placido Polanco. Look, I loved Polly and his giant, misshaped head when he was a Tiger. But that was years ago. If Dave Dombrowski owned a time machine and could go back in time to snatch up 2006 Polanco, I’d be all for it. And I’d have him pick up 2007 Magglio Ordonez while he was at it. But DD doesn’t have such a machine (that I know of).

So let go, people. Whether it’s Marco Scutaro, Darwin Barney, Omar Infante, another trade option, or the platoon of Santiago and Worth, I just don’t think second base is going to be the thing that makes or breaks the 2012 Tigers.

You want to win this year? Start by not thinking like mental patients.


STASH48126 said...

I agree Rogo, there is not much out there for a quality second baseman and those that are decent are probably over price.  I think that the combo of Ramon and Danny will do the trick.

Another think is about getting another starting pitcher.  Last year Detroit had three starting pitchers that were decent then at the end of July the Tigers picked up Fister.  With four good starting pitchers Detroit ran away with the division. 

This year Fister was ineffective because of injuries and Detroit had only three good pitchers with one,Drew Smyly a good rookie, learning his trade.
With Fister healthy the Tigers have four good pitchers same as last year.
It is my opinion that the Smyly/Turner combo is better than Brad Penny.

STASH48126 said...

I like to add one more thought.  If we are to trade for a second baseman, why not trade for a young good hit, good defense minor league player.

LuminousRaptor said...

I agree, you can never have too much pitching, but I think Fister has shown in his last few outings he's finally back to being the Fister of old. He may not have another second half like 2011, but he certainly won't be a bad addition to the Detroit rotation if he can stay healthy. Which by all rights, I think he can. 

I don't think our trade needs to be for a Matt Garza or a Cole Hammels to be effective either. If we can get a guy who can: start and throw 6 good innings, if needed throw from the pen, and the seller's not asking too much, I'm all for it. I don't think that's going to happen though. Starters are always hotly contested at the trade deadline. It could happen. I just don't think it's all that likely. I would just be happy with a Darwin Barney type guy for a mid-level prospect. Who knows, though. DD has the tendency to come up with something no one is thinking. 

Rings said...

Well done. 2nd Base is not, and never was, the problem.
We're getting good pitching and someone other than AJax, Miggy & Prince are contributing offensively. Problems solved.

EightMileCats said...

While I'll agree 2b is not going to break the Tigers this year, it would be nice to see an upgrade at the right price.  I also agree, Polly(as much as I liked him as a Tiger) is not the answer.  He's on a serious down swing in his career and isn't putting up good numbers anymore. 

My first priority, if I were the Tigers, would be a starting pitcher.  Smyly is a rookie and will probably be shut down at some point this season.  Scherzer and Porcello are fairly inconsistent.  So, I'd like to see a SP to slot in behind JV and Fister. 

An outfield bat that can actually take a ball would also be above 2b for me...  but meh.  I wouldn't give up Castellanos for any of it.  Hell, the only way I give up Castellanos is if you tell me Stanton is coming back the other way.

h2opolopunk said...

Thing about starting pitching is once the Tigers get to the post season (being forever the optimist here), they'll only need four men for the rotation. Watching how well our boys have been pitching for pretty much the last month -- asides from that turd Turner threw and some back-of-the-bullpen blunders -- we're pretty much set with pitching. In fact, the Tigers are playing well enough right now that I'm under the impression that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" right now. We're finally seeing the team we expected to see before. There's no reason to think this will end, if you use last year's finish as a precedent. 

EightMileCats said...

While I agree they are pitching well as of late, Scherzer has always been inconsistent.  One day amazing next day horrid.  And Smyly is a rookie, I've gotten believe theyre gonna shut him down.

All is moot now however, we've aquired Annibal Sanchez and Omar Infante