Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fifty Games In: We Have Problems


Raise your hand if you thought this is where the Tigers would be after 50 games? Yeah. Me neither.
I’m abandoning the Every Ten Games review idea. At least for now. Finding stuff to write about, especially when I normally try to keep a humorous view of the game at DNR, just isn’t very easy right now.

Instead, I thought I’d make a list of what has gone wrong this year off the top of my head. I came up with 25 much quicker than I should have.

1. When they pitch well, odds are they don’t score many runs.

2. When they hit well, the pitching is awful.

3. Doug Fister can’t stay healthy.

4. Austin Jackson hits the DL when he’s putting together a Top Five MVP campaign.

5. We can’t go ONE GAME without an umpire screwing up a call that costs us a run or allows the other team to score.

6. While Cabrera has been better than expected on defense, Fielder has been worse. He’s the worst defensive infielder I’ve seen in Detroit since Eric Munson.

7. Delmon Young and Brennan Boesch have zero plate discipline and it’s difficult to watch. We can only afford to have one in the lineup and expect to score consistently with them in the heart of the order.

8. Brennan Boesch is the laziest defensive outfielder in history.

9. Porcello and Scherzer are frustratingly inconsistent.

10. Ryan Raburn is lost. Beyond lost.

11. Jhonny Peralta looks to have aged 10 years in the offseason.

12. Alex Avila appears to be hurting all the time. That or 2011 was a fluke.

13. Schlereth, Balester, Putkonen, and Weber all turned out to be dumpster fires out of the pen.

14. Don Kelly is still on the team. And occasionally leading off.

15. Jose Valverde has been the opposite of what he was last season.

16. Andy Dirks has been a nice surprise, but he can’t stay healthy.

17. Dotel and Villarreal, while decent overall, have seen their control abandon them in the worst possible situations.

18. Jim Leyland is a stubborn fool at times when it comes to lefty/righty stuff, his batting orders, and bullpen decisions.

19. Brandon Inge. For and against us.

20. Cleveland is the luckiest team alive and we severely underestimated Chicago.

21. We have no bench. It’s a bunch of defensive subs. There’s not one guy that can hit the ball on the bench.

22. There is no team leader anymore. Ordonez, Guillen, V-Mart, and Inge are gone. Like it or not, these guys were the team’s leadership cornerstones.

23. The minor league system continues to be in shambles at the Triple A level.

24. Luis Marte and Al Alburquerque’s injuries.

25. Endless mental mistakes on offense, defense, and running bases on things you learn in little league.

Add more if you like. Or don’t. It’s not a fun time to be a Tigers fan.

No, I am not giving up on this team after 50 games. If guys start playing to their abilities, I think they can turn things around quickly. Especially in the AL Central.

But like Brandon Inge after the Prinice signing, I am currently not a happy camper. I’m going to take a break from writing for a few days.

If you’re at the game on Sunday, look for me in the blue Ordonez jersey. Probably with something in my eye before the game.


Davidj said...

Someone needs to make an unhappy rogo camping photo, like the Inge one.

Bobshouse7 said...

Good stuff and yes I am beyond frustrated with this club.. Imagine what Mr I must be thinking...  next column maybe!!!!   Mr I's Head!!!!

H2OPoloPunk said...

I'm not giving up, but I've had to take a break from listening to the last couple of games. The weekend sweep of the Twins was fun, but that first game in Boston was like Groundhog's Day. 

Also, please don't slow down your writing. You're a shiny little diamond in this horseshit pile season so far. Coming here and reading your inane ramblings have made this season much easier to stomach thus far.

David Tokarz said...

On 11 and 12: they'll be okay- and I'd explain why, but I'm writing for Kurt's mothership about both.

Julie Peasel said...

#5- I think Bud Selig is paying umps to screw calls. Leyland must have flirted with his wife or something. I don't see or read about this many blown calls for any other team.

#8- Start "holding people accountable". Berry is playing to make it hard to get rid of him. Boesch could take a hint from the rookie.

#21- I miss Marcus Thames at times.

EightMileCats said...

I agree.  It's almost painful to watch now-a-days. 
Our lineup is so inconsistent.  It's painful to watch em put men on base and then not be able to drive em in.  (Especially load the bases with no outs...)
Our starting rotation seems to be great one week... then horrible/injured the next (exception:JV). 
And our bullpen seems weak at best.  I figured it'd be a strength on this team, but Large potatoe has been a mediocre closer...  Beniot/Dotel/Coke have been decent, but you can't throw em out there every day.  And I get up and find something to do anytime I see the likes of Putkonen/Villareal/Webber up.  Whatever happened to all the young relievers we supposedly had coming from the minors?  I can't wait to see what Marte has over a few games and AlAl comese back.

Outside of that, I don't see any help coming from the Hens.  Hopefully Crosby has a good showing or two and we can package him up and flip him for some help somewhere.  But there are no position players in AAA that excite me.  Berry is a pleasant surprise... and I hope he stays.  Playing in a park the size of Comerica the team should be a high avg/speed based team with a couple power threats.  Not 7guys with ok power, 1 guy with speed, and someone who has no business being in the MLB. 

Here's to hoping the Marlins fall out of contention quickly and decide the Infante can be traded...  I'd love to see him at 2nd

JimWalewander said...

I got in a little scrum last week over at BYB when I kept repeating, "it's not our year."  Everything you listed here is what drew me to that conclusion.  It's baffling. 

Yes, this team could still get up off the mat, and I'll keep watching and hoping, but it doesn't look good right now.  #obvious

weed said...

It was awesome watching Boesch let that fly ball hit the ground and bounce into the stands for a GRD last night.  Why does he suck?  He had 10 feet or more left he could have ran that ball down and saved a run.  

Defense is my #1 - #10.  Just so many untimely mistakes that have been driving me crazy.  Overall, the team is the definition of mediocre at this time.

ChaunceyD said...

I am extremely NOT worried. Not yet. We just got Fister back. Cleveland is a mirage. Chicago will fade when injuries catch up to them, and Adam Dunn's deal with the devil expires. The division is still in reach.

2OLD@ROCK said...

I am raising my hand and my blood pressure!  This team needs to sacrifice a chicken to "jobo!"