Sunday, May 20, 2012

Every Ten Games: 40 Down, Not Quite 35-5

40 games down, 122 to go.

Things are still a mess. The team hasn’t won back-to-back games in over a month. Guys are still struggling, guys are getting hurt, and people are panicking.

How fun! Today’s 10 game report follows.


Record: 19-21
Division: Third place (4 games back)
Scored: 176 runs
Allowed: 182 runs

Top Five

1. Justin Verlander: 5-1, 2.14 ERA, 67.1 IP, 68 K, 0.80 WHIP
2. Austin Jackson: .331/.414/.544, 5 HR, 17 RBI, 162 OPS+
3. Andy Dirks: .351/.408/.558, 4 HR, 13 RBI, 170 OPS+
4. Miguel Cabrera: .309/.358/.500, 8 HR, 34 RBI, 134 OPS+
5. Prince Fielder: .303/.366/.487, 7 HR, 24 RBI, 133 OPS+

JV is a machine that we are not worthy of. Jackson is an unlikely team MVP candidate a quarter into the season and it’s become even more apparent how important he is since he’s been hurt. Dirks is the hottest guy in the lineup and hopefully he can continue to produce. Cabrera isn’t as patient lately as we’ve come to expect from him, but he’s still the team’s best run producer. And Prince is finally showing signs of life the past few games.

Bottom Five

1. Ryan Raburn: .148/.218/.222, 1 HR, 6 RBI, 22 OPS+
2. Alex Avila: .218/.298/.382, 4 HR, 12 RBI, 86 OPS+
3. Collin Balester: 6.50 ERA, 5 HR allowed in 18 IP
4. Max Scherzer: 2-3, 6.26 ERA, 6 HR allowed, 1.73 WHIP
5. Rick Porcello: 3-3, 5.12 ERA, 7 HR allowed, 1.40 WHIP

Raburn is slightly better, but still pathetic overall. Avila looks hurt. His swing looks awful and he’s hitting .118 in the past two weeks and only hitting .103 with RISP on the year. Even Raburn is batting .179 with RISP this season. Balester is the new Grilli out of the pen. Scherzer and Porcello need to step it up…they should be much better than this.

Best Game: 5/18/12: Tigers 6, Pirates 0 (Verlander 1 hitter)
Worst Game: 5/7/12: Mariners 3, Tigers 2 (Dotel meltdown)

JV makes everything better.

Top Complaints About Jim Leyland (Not necessarily by me…)

1. Why is Ra(y)burn still playing!?!
2. Quit bunting!
3. Why is Kelly leading off?

That last one is definitely by me. Kelly is hitting .196 with no power. He hasn’t hit jack squat for his career. With Jackson hurt, I get playing him. But why not shift the hot hitting Dirks to leadoff? Why not move Brennan Boesch back to the #2 spot that he hit in the majority of the season since he’s currently in something like a 13 game hitting streak?

Kelly is 1 for 12 since Jackson got hurt. To bat him leadoff is just asinine. I defend Leyland more than anyone, but there is absolutely no sensible reason for DK to bat first. None.

Jim, pretty please, quit making me think that Huge might be right about you, even for a second.

Overall Impression of Team

They suck. But they can erupt at any time.

I’m sure you’re all as sick of reading that as I am of typing it. But it’s true. One more game with Pittsburgh before moving on to Cleveland and Minnesota. This remains a perfect part of the schedule to make an early run.



Django McTunes said...

Pretty reasonable take. The funny thing about hanging out at the .500 mark is that any winning  streak at all is usually enough to push you over for good. <--- Tells himself this. 

Jay Hathaway said...

Eh, feels just like last year to me, and that turned out pretty good.