Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Of Course, Drew Sharp is Playing Debbie Downer

The Prince Fielder signing has everyone in Tigertown doing cartwheels down the street. Well, everyone except for Drew Sharp of the Free Press. I know many of you have got to be exhausted from reading about Prince right now, but here’s a couple of “points” from Drew’s piece crapping on our parade that has me shaking my head.

It makes absolutely no sense paying two guys who basically are the same player more than $45 million annually.

If we were paying two guys with the talent level of Don Kelly or Brandon Inge $45 million, I’d agree. But this is Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder. This is the most dangerous 3-4 punch in recent baseball history. This has me drooling at the thought of below average AL Central pitching to our lineup. I mean…

OPS the past 3 seasons:

Fielder: 1.014, .871, .981
Cabrera: .942, 1.042, 1.033

That is amazing. And they’re ours, ours, OURS! And it can only help the guys around them in the lineup. Delmon Young, Brennan Boesch, and Alex Avila’s jobs all got much easier today.

It not only makes them the prohibitive favorite in the American League Central but one darn tough out in the playoffs.

But didn’t we say the same things heading into 2008, when the Tigers finished last in the division?

Don’t compare apples and dead squirrels. There are many differences between the 2008 and 2012 Tigers. For one, the pitching is much, much better this year. I don’t see a clueless Dontrelle Willis or a washed up Nate Robertson on the team. I don’t see an elderly, broken down Kenny Rogers gasping for one last season.

Second, this isn’t Gary Sheffield at the end of his career. This is two young sluggers in their primes. It’s a dream come true for any baseball fan.

Third, eat a box of rat poison, Drew.

What happens when Martinez returns in 2013?

Miguel moves to third or a corner outfield spot. Will it always be pretty? No. But he’s got a year plus to get himself into proper shape and get plenty of reps at those positions before we have to worry about the “problem” of .300+ hitting V-Mart coming back.

What do you do with three defensively limited, slow-footed players you’re collectively paying almost $60 million?

Cheer while they pile up extra base hits like it’s a friggin’ video game?

The base paths would need an emergency bypass with all the clogging.

Oh my gawd. When did Drew Sharp turn into a 70 year old white guy pining for small ball? If they’re clogging the bases, that means they’re getting on base and probably knocking in guys to get there. Please tell me you weren’t hoping for Juan Pierre, Drew.

At first blush, it looks like Ilitch has made a win-now-or-else proposition to his team. But in doing so, he might have risked messing up the chemistry that made this team so compelling a year ago.

Jeebus. Chemistry? Really? The following is one of my favorite Jim Leyland rants of all time:

“I’m so sick of hearing about team chemistry. I’m never going to talk about it again--ever in my life. When it gets brought up, I’m going to say, ‘Next question’. It makes me sick. I can’t stand it. It has nothing to do with anything. When you win, the chemistry is good. When you lose, the chemistry is bad. I don’t care if players get into a fistfight. I read today that Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth didn’t like each other. Well, they won a lot of games. Give me talent. I don’t care if they fight for 21 hours a day. For three hours, go out and beat somebody.”


Where’s that World Series trophy from 2008?

Forget about 2008, asshat. This has nothing to do with it.

The Tigers and all of their fans are looking towards a World Series trophy in 2012. And they just took a gigantic step forward.

Go try and ruin someone else’s day, Drew. Let us be happy for once.



Mperna27 said...

bingo Rogo!!  Nailed it, and I was thinking the same thing about Sharp after I read it about half hour ago....He is Rob Parker light, at his best, and Parker sucks donkey nuts.  Writing to draw interest instead of what facts are or what makes sense.   I've always believed that there are few knowldegable baseball writers in Detroit, and Sharp sure as hell anint one opf them...

kalinecountry said...

I want to hang a merkin on drew sharps face.

Kevin C. said...

Drew Sharp is a sad cynical man, he got picked on as kid and never got any attention as a toddler.

Kevin C. said...

oh may I add of course he brings up 2008, who cares that was a while ago. Why dwell about what happened in the past. The only thing that matters is moving forward and continuing to work hard to reach your team goals. 2008 has no bearing on this year, shut up Drew you dunce clown lummox. 

Keith Christle said...

I hate Sharp more and more every time I

Dan Bacon said...

Wow, what a dick! I'm a lifer Tigers fan and Drew can kiss my ass! Don't hate on something that could be historic for the MLB and Detroit. This 1-2 (LEFTY/RIGHTY) combo in the lineup is going to be mega huge. We've needed a left bat for awhile but one of Prince's caliber? Holy crap is that cool, I'm in euphoria all over again, don't you dare pinch me!

H2OPoloPunk said...

That Leyland quote is epic.

John B said...

Here's what makes me nervous:
If you (anyone) was the best at their job in the industry, and your boss comes in and says "we just brought in someone else, they're really good too, and we'll figure it out".  Then you find out that though they are maybe #3 in the industry (to your #1), you do more things better, and your boss gave the #3 guy a longer contract and is paying him 20% more then you.

You would probably go bitch about it to your buddies.  Except your buddies aren't employed anymore. 

I just don't understand how everyone thinks, when the team is in a slump, Cabrera will handle this well (or why he should even be expected to handle this well).  And this is a guy who has had trouble hiding depression in the past... and now Guillen / Magglio are gone.

If Detroit gave Porcello a massive contract, bigger then Verlanders, no one thinks this would be an issue?  JV isn't doing a big "HEY WTF!" anywhere he can?

Chemistry probably doesn't matter in the clubhouse.  Feelings / Egos about how much you're getting paid (or who's F'ing your wife) always matter in sports.  Always.  Why does Fielder get 214 million and not 200 million?  Because that $14 million matters to someone.  Pretending it doesn't is insane.

I'd be pissed if I was Cabrera.  Massively.  But he's the one who gets the shaft by DH'ing or moving to third.  And he will be laughable at third... and he should be pissed because he's a giant man who shouldn't be playing there.

That is all. I hate Drew Sharp too.  But I don't love this deal, short or long term.  Why push Cabrera around, and why stick the franchise (and the fans) with that contract when Illitch dies?  But hey, if its a warm spring... balls will fly.

(Oh, V-Mart has played his last game as a Tiger.  But one of the elites will gladly take him off Detroit's hands without it costing Detroit a dime so who cares.  But based on Cecil / Prince, maybe Detroit should draft V-Mart's son now).

momotigers said...

You're completely ignoring timing and the nature of the market. What you're saying is like me getting pissed because my neighbor's house is nicer than mine and he bought it for 20K less this year than I bought my house for in 2006.  I'm not going to have a pity party for myself because I bought high and he bought low.  I'm not going to torch his place because he got himself a good deal.  

Any rational person should understand that Fielder signed his contract and was looking out for himself.  Cabrera did the same thing in 2008 and locked himself into gobs of money for a long time.  Cabrera will again lock himself into gobs of money for a long time in 2015...probably more than Prince is making now if Cabrera continues to rake.  The parallels between Cabrera and Pujols are pretty strong.  I wouldn't be a bit shocked if Cabrera's next contract is similar to the one Albert just signed.  
It's all about timing and the free agent market.  Freddie Garcia will probably make about 10 times what Ivan Nova makes next season for being a lesser pitcher.  Brennan Boesch will earn 1 /13th of Delmon Young's salary.  Are Boesch's panties in a bunch? Nope.  It's the system.  You take the big payday when it's available.  

John B said...

I'm not ignoring the market.  I'm looking at egos.  I don't care who gets the money and when or who pays them.  But I guarantee you the players do.  Good for the Tigers if they found the only 25 athletes who, when the team is slumping, thinks each player is 1/25 at fault. 

I don't hate the deal.  I feel bad for Cabrera.  We can give the 'tough shit' argument, but I'd be pissed.  I'm glad Brennan Boesch will outplay Young and will make nothing comparatively.  Happy trails Brennan! 

rea said...

Well, except the Tigers took the extrordinary step of asking Cabrera in advance what he thought of the potential deal.  He was enthusiastic.