Friday, December 9, 2011

What Albert Pujols Has Taught Us

"People from other teams want to play in St. Louis and they're jealous that we're in St. Louis because the fans are unbelievable. So why would you want to leave a place like St. Louis to go somewhere else and make $3 or $4 more million a year? It's not about the money. I already got my money. It's about winning and that's it. It's about accomplishing my goal and my goal is to try to win."

-Albert Pujols, 2009

The deal with the Angels will pay Pujols around $3 million or $4 million more per year than the offer from the Cardinals.  Ouch.

There is a lesson to be learned here.  No matter how much an athlete talks about how he loves the city he is currently playing in, money almost always talks when it comes to free agent time.  Cardinals fans are realizing this now.  And the Detroit Tigers need to take note of this.

Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera have nothing but great things to say about Detroit right now.  But JV's deal is up in 2014.  Cabrera's expires in 2015.  The team needs to do everything they can to win NOW.  Because when those contracts expire, those two are going to want to cash in, either in Detroit or elsewhere.

And I don't blame them.  I don't blame Pujols, either.  $30 to $40 million more and a chance to play in front of a Latino-heavy market in Southern California?  I don't blame the man at all.  It's just a shame that he didn't think before opening his mouth in 2009.  Cardinal fans are passionate about their baseball and I don't think it's something they'll forget.  Stan Musial's legacy is safe again in St. Louis.

But I don't feel bad for those Cardinal fans in all this.  They got two World Championships out of Pujols, including one over our Tigers in 2006.  They'll live.  The pricks.

As for the ecstatic Angel fans?  It's going to be a fun couple years for them.  But they had better win soon or this is going to haunt the franchise for a long time.  In four to five years down the road, this contract isn't going to be as fun paying $25 million a year to a DH with declining numbers.  Of course, none of them are thinking about that now because most Angel fans are pieces of bear shit.  I hope they never win a game again and Jered Weaver is caught blowing CJ Wilson in a tranny bar.

But again, the time to win in Detroit is now.  JV and Big Mig are possibly Yankees-in-waiting down the line.  Mr. Ilitch isn't getting any younger and seems to be willing to go for broke.  Jacob Turner and the other prospects aren't sure things.  If Dave Dombrowski has a chance to make a deal that looks to put the Tigers over the top within the next three years, he needs to go for it. (coughHanleyRamirezcough)

Because what good is the future if in a couple years there is nothing left to build around?

(Pujols quote via Deadspin.)


Brett Walker said...

While I agree with you, Rogo...  the time is now and if trading Turner or Castellanos means we get a WS title, I'm in.  I disagree with HanRam tho.  He's a clubhouse poison.  Last time he was unhappy, he had a down year.  Last year, he was hurt...  I'd like to see perhaps, Gio Gonz.  That'd be a nice rotation.  JV, Fister, Gio, Max, Kid Rick.  Issue there is... Beane wants a kings ransom for him.  
Maybe Garza can be pried from the Cubs easier?
Other issue, 2b is...  not good.  And there really isn't anyone on the FA market for it.  I'd like to see em sign an outfielder and hopefully be able to swing a trade with Young and his ridiculous hacks at anything the breaks for a decent 2b.  Maybe someone along the lines of Callaspo from the Angels as they have more infielders now than they know what to do with.  I'd prefer Prado, but I don't think we match up with the Braves very well.
Sadly, I think we're stuck with Inge and his .230 BA for another year...  I am ok with it as long as he's batting in the 9 hole I suppose...

Sutelc said...

And HanRam is pissed about losing his SS gig.  If we brought him here Jhonny would have to move and be pissed.  Either way you've got an unhappy player and after the way Peralta performed for us last year he deserves better.

JacksTigers said...

HanRam > Jhonny

Sorry, but it's true. And you can't even try to dispute it. Jhonny would have to live with it or be traded. I am not convinced that he will have another grat year. He's not that good of a player.

Brett Walker said...

I would rather have a serviceable Jhonny than a malcontent HanRam.  HanRam may be superior, but he has the potential to tear a clubhouse apart.

Pregaminglife said...

But we already HAVE Peralta. Why waste the pieces to get that injured malcontent?

FromThisSeat said...

3 or 4 Million a season is not that much extra money? Are you serious? That's the salary of an All-Star or prime player.
Not that he needs the money but you can be set for life with 3 million dollars. Like Lebron, Pujols can play wherever he wants. It's a freedom he has. The Cardinals had 2 years to get this done and the Angels got it done in 2 days.

rea said...

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