Monday, December 5, 2011

Tiger Droppings: Let's Be Friends Again Edition

Hello, boys and girls. For those of you that don’t live in the Detroit area…I hate/envy you. It’s cold every day now. It never seems to stop raining. The other day, I got up for work and had to clear SNOW off my car. Sorry, I just wasn’t mentally ready for that crap yet. I swear, I almost just walked in front of a bus instead of doing it. Good gawd, I envy you people that live in areas of the country where the weather isn’t unbearable 10 months of the year.

Anyway, I’ve got a few topics to get through today. But first off, I want to thank everyone that took part in the Trammel Hall of Fame topic last week. I know I seemed to upset a lot of you with my take, but it turned into some good discussion and that was the whole point of it. The one idea of letting Tram in the HOF that I can’t get behind, though, is that of “Well, there’s a lot of shortstops with questionable numbers in the Hall, therefore Tram should get in”. If it were up to me, they’d toss out a quarter of the guys in there. I just view Cooperstown as a place for the elite, not the “very good”.

Also, I sense the Edgar Renteria comparison annoyed several of you. I did that for two reasons. One, because has him as the top player comparison to Trammell. And two, I’m kind of a jerk sometimes. If any of you really think that I consider Tram and Renteria anywhere close to being the same kind of player, you’re wrong and/or silly. I love Trammell. Renteria can fall into a pit of crocodiles for all I care.

Whatever. Many of you had good points and I enjoyed reading them. I hope I didn’t piss off too many of you. I promise I’ll try to make up for it later this post with a little surprise that ALL Trammell fans should love. I’ll also be tackling the rest of the Hall candidates, free agency, ex-Tigers, and more.

We can still be friends, right? Take me back, baby…

2012 Hall of Meh Candidates

Last year saw Roberto Alomar rightfully be elected to the Hall and Bert Blyleven FINALLY be enshrined, as well. This year’s list of candidates really has no sure things among it. Let’s take a list of who’s on it, who shouldn’t be in, who are some maybe’s, and who definitely belongs in Cooperstown.


Jeromy Burnitz
Vinny Castilla
Juan Gonzalez (dickhead)
Brian Jordan
Javy Lopez
Bill Mueller
Terry Mullholland
Phil Nevin (Go Hens!)
Brad Radke
Tim Salmon
Ruben Sierra
Bernie Williams
Tony Womack
Eric Young

I think it’s safe to say that none of these guys have much of a chance, other than Williams, in our Yankee-loving society. But Bernie Williams sucks. Case closed.

Could Make a Case

Barry Larkin: 12 time All-Star, 1995 NL MVP, 3 Gold Gloves, lifetime OPS+ of 116. VERY similar to Trammell in that he had several solid seasons, missed a lot of time to injury, and his overall numbers (while good) fall a bit short of being elite. Should be interesting. If they let him in and not Trammell? I’ll join you all with pitchforks and torches. If anything, the increasing support for Larkin is making people take a second look at Tram.

Edgar Martinez: 7 time All-Star. Lifetime .312 average and amazing OPS+ of 147, good enough for 44th all time. Would be a shoo-in, but he was a DH most of his career and that hurts him in many voters’ eyes.

Don Mattingly: 6 time All-Star, 9 Gold Gloves, 1985 AL MVP. Arguably the best player in baseball from 1985-1987. Injuries cut short Donnie Baseball’s Yankee career, keeping him out of the Hall thus far.

Fred McGriff: 5 time All-Star. 493 career homers. 134 OPS+ in 19 years for 6 teams. Crime Dog is the most boring player ever to hit 490+ homers. Was very good, but never considered elite. Poor guy.

Mark McGwire: 12 time All-Star, 1987 Rookie of the Year, 1 Gold Glove. 583 career homers (10th all time), including 70 in 1998. Steroids are the only thing keeping him out.

Jack Morris: 5 time All-Star, 254 wins (42nd all time), 2,478 K’s (32nd all time). Postseason hero in Detroit, Minnesota, and Toronto. Lifetime ERA of 3.90 hurts him as Jack was a very good pitcher that had a couple memorable great moments. His Game 7, 10 inning performance against the Braves is one of the greatest games I’ve ever seen pitched.

Dale Murphy: 7 time All-Star, 2 time NL MVP, 5 Gold Gloves, and probably the nicest man to ever play baseball. Lifetime OPS+ of 121, but career average of .265 hurts his chances. A force from 1982-1987, but burned out after that.

Rafael Palmeiro: 4 time All-Star, 3 Gold Gloves, 3,020 career hits (25th all time), 5,388 total bases (10th all time), 569 homers (12th all time), OPS+ of 132. Under the radar most of his career, but will probably never make it in for wagging his finger and lying to Congress about steroids.

Tim Raines: 7 time All-Star, 808 stolen bases (5th all time), 123 career OPS+. Overshadowed by Rickey Henderson for career. Well, that and playing most of the time in Montreal.

Lee Smith: 7 time All-Star. 478 career saves (3rd all time). Closers do not do historically well in the Hall voting for whatever reason.

Alan Trammell: We’ve been over this. But seriously, I’d be thrilled to see him make it. I just don’t see it ever happening unless the Veteran’s Committee somehow inducts him and Whitaker as a team.

Larry Walker: 5 time All-Star, 1997 NL MVP, 7 Gold Gloves, career OPS+ of 140. Chances hurt by steroid era and playing in Colorado.

Like the Trammell conversation, I can see there being several pros and cons for election of these guys. But none of them are slam dunks, in my opinion. Unlike this guy…

Let Him In!
Jeff Bagwell: 4 time All-Star, 1991 NL Rookie of the Year, 1994 NL MVP, 1 Gold Glove. 79.9 career WAR (57th all time, 37th among position players). Career OBP of .408 (40th all time). Career SLG of .540 (36th all time). 449 career homers, 1,529 RBI, 1,401 walks, 149 career OPS+. Bagwell was a beast and is my favorite non-Tiger of all time. He had the most awesome swing I’ve ever seen. Thus, I’m a little biased. But unlike my natural bias for Trammell, I think Bagwell’s numbers, without question, merit a HOF plaque.

Who will ACTUALLY get in? I see Larkin and Morris as the best chances, since they’re the top holdovers. Bags, Big Mac, and Raffy will continue to suffer due to the steroid era. Hell, we might not have anyone elected in this year, except for whoever the Veteran’s Committee lets in.

Fun With Youtube

I promised the Trammell fans that I offended a surprise. If you’ve never seen this clip before, you’re in for a treat. Enjoy.

How in the BLUE HELL did Tram and Lou not get their own sitcom after that EMMY AWARD WORTHY performance? Holy crap. Can you imagine them as a crime fighting duo of some sort? Oh man, that would be epic.

/immediately begins growing sweet 80’s mustache

Free Agency Nonsense

The Tigers gave Little Ramon 2 more years at $2 million a season. And my Twitter feed rejoiced. My question is, um…why? I like Santiago. He’s a nice utility guy. But why not use that money to go after a relief pitcher or something when we already have Danny Worth in the organization? He has a better glove than Ramon and isn’t any worse of a hitter. Plus, he’ll make the minimum for a while. Seems like a waste of cash to me. But I like Ramon and won’t get to upset over it.

Unlike THIS guy!
That’s Matt Young. DD signed him to a minor league deal. Who is Matt Young? Stop me if you’ve heard any of this before.

-He’s fair skinned.
-He’s in his upper 20’s (29).
-He’s small (5’8).
-He’s a left-handed outfielder.
-He sucks. (.208/.269/.229 in 20 games with Atlanta last year)
-He’s SCRAPPY. Don’t believe me? In 2008 and 2009, Young won the “Best Hustler” award back-to-back in the Southern League.

/two thousand facepalms

Between Don Kelly, Clete Thomas, Will Rhymes, others, and now Young, I really think Double D has watched “Rudy” WAY too many times. Can’t we get any GOOD players, or at least guys with a possible future, to fill roster spots instead of these “feel good underdog” types? Ugh…

Also, Jose Reyes signed with the Florida Miami Marlins for 6 years, $106 million. Suckers. Glad we can finally let that silly fantasy go.

Finally, I have nothing to say about Yoenis Cespedes, and I will continue to say nothing about him until someone teaches my dumb ass how to pronounce his name. My guess is Yo-ay-nis Say-spay-dais. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Always a Tiger Updates

-Johnny Damon is being rumored to be going back to Tampa or to Baltimore. I love when my jokes turn out to be true.

-The Twins are interested in Edwin Jackson because they are dicks.

-Carlos Guillen has supposedly seen interest from the Marlins. Then again, the Fish have been linked to everyone with a pulse in an attempt to get their elderly fanbase to remember that they have a team down there.

-In two weeks, Joel Zumaya will throw for an expected ten teams or so. The Red Sox have been named as an interested party. If Joel goes to the Sawx, stays healthy, and becomes the dominant guy he was in 2006…I swear, I’ll end up burning down a children’s hospital.

-Kansas City signed Zach Miner. Yes, Zach Miner is still alive.

But, Plugs

-Good piece by Tigerdog at BYB on the Granderson deal, two years later. Myself, I still like the deal, as I did at the time. Please check this out, if you haven’t, because it’s a nice read.

-Friend of DNR, @PhilCokesBrain on Twitter, has his own blog now. Funny stuff, so please check back often. He posts more than I do, anyway.

-Lee takes a closer look at Jose Valverde’s year using sabermetrics like only he can. If that stuff floats your boat, I think you’ll enjoy this.

Good enough. I’m tired. Take care. Enjoy the Winter Meetings.


Casey said...

"Yo-EN-ess SES-peh-des'' Thats from Jerry Crasnick

Jay Hathaway said...

"The Twins are interested in Edwin Jackson because they are dicks."
In fact, you could probably just make a template to paste whenever the Twins do anything.
"The Twins___________________________because they are dicks."
There ya go.  Fill in the blank.

Jay Hathaway said...

 Also, for my HOF opinion, I say Raines for sure, because he was awesome (yeah, that's my reason.  what?), and for the other spot, I think Bags or Edgar.  DHs deserve a consideration, especially with those numbers.  Does anyone give a shit about how effective Babe Ruth was on defense?  Hells and no.

Honestly, I think Palmeiro and McGwire deserve it, too.  I might feel differently if PEDs were, y'know, at least somewhat discouraged during their prime years.  In fact, the Andros that McGwire took (testosterone-boosting pills that you could buy from any nutrition store at the time) were perfectly legal at the time.  Hell, I took 'em when I worked out.  The effect was minimal, at best.  It's not like he was putting a shot in his ass, like a friend of mine did back then.  Now that effect was noticeable, in that he wanted to either fight or fuck (or both) everything he encountered for about an hour after his shot.

I'm rambling again.

Jay Hathaway said...

Here's one via MLB Trade Rumors:
"The Twins offer [to Buehrle] is not as strong as the others because they are dicks."

Jay Hathaway said...

I pronounce it, "hee-BED-ah be-gud-fo-DAT-mon-ee."
Of course, I'm no linguistics scholar.

Bryan T. said...

I'm going to shit a brick if the ONLY person going into the HOF this year is Ron Santo

Russell White said...

I wish I knew how to quit you...

H2OPoloPunk said...

You are forgiven, Rogo. I know you're the Shock Jock of the Detroit Tigers' blogosphere, but you've got to lay off ol' Tram. Between getting fucked yearly by the voters for the HOF and being handed the worst Tiger team ever assembled at the beginning of the century as his only managerial stint, they guy needs to catch a break. 

Kevin said...

Take it easy Rogo, people are understanding of the points you were making.