Monday, December 26, 2011

Tiger Droppings: After-Holiday Hangover Edition

Oh, hello there. Nice of you to stop by. Did you have a good Christmas or whatever other late-December holiday you may celebrate? I hope so. Mine? Thanks for asking. It was okay. I still didn’t get that chainsaw I’ve been asking for.

There’s not a whole lot going on right now as far as Detroit Tigers news is concerned. But I’ll try to cover what stuff is out there. Today we’ll get into free agency, random nonsense, and other things.

Vague? You betcha. Interesting? Probably not. But let’s see what we can come up with.

Free Agen…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Yeah. It’s kind of boring out there right now. But that doesn’t mean Dave Dombrowski doesn’t have something crazy up his sleeve. Take a look at the past couple years after Christmas.

1/13/09: Tigers sign Taiwanese free agent Fu-Te Ni to minor league contract.
1/26/09: Tigers sign Brandon Lyon to a one-year contract.

1/19/10: Tigers sign Jose Valverde to a two-year deal (option for a third).
2/4/10: Tigers sign Justin Verlander to a five-year extension.
2/22/10: Tigers sign Johnny Damon to a one-year contract.

1/18/11: Tigers sign Brad Penny to a one-year contract.
1/24/11: Tigers trade Armando Galarraga to Arizona for prospects.

All of these moves were significant in their own ways. And with the team still weak at second base, third base, and needing another starter, we’re sure to see something happen pretty soon. I’m not going to speculate about any trades. Leave that to Ken Rosenthal and other crazy people. But I do have the list of the remaining free agents out there at each position. See if any names pop out at you.

Second Base

Orlando Cabrera
Alex Cora
Craig Counsell
Bill Hall
Jeff Keppinger
Felipe Lopez
Aaron Miles
Will Rhymes
Ryan Theriot

Let’s see. Keppinger can hit a little, but has no power and zero glove. Ditto for Theriot. Cabrera is old and terrible. Lopez hasn’t been worth a damn in a couple years. Hall hit over 30 homers in 2006, but hasn’t done anything since. And the rest of them are awful. Especially Tinkerbell.

Santiago/Raburn is better than anything here. How about third?

Third Base

Wilson Betemit
Jorge Cantu
Eric Chavez
Greg Dobbs
Kevin Kouzmanoff
Omar Vizquel

Well, we know all about Betemit. Cantu has gone downhill in each of the past three years. Chavez makes Carlos Guillen look healthy. Vizquel is older than Leyland. Kouzmanoff could be productive, but made close to $5 million last year. Even if he only commands half that this year, Inge is already making over $5 million himself.

I can’t see DD choosing any of these guys over Inge/Kelly. Although, I would love to add “The Kouz” as a crime fighting duo with Doug Fister. Pitching help, please?

Starting Pitcher

Bartolo Colon
Aaron Cook
Kyle Davies
Doug Davis
Zach Duke
Jeff Francis
Armando Galarraga
Jon Garland
Rich Harden
Livan Hernandez
Hisashi Iwakuma
Edwin Jackson
Hiroki Kuroda
Rodrigo Lopez
Paul Maholm
Kevin Millwood
Sergio Mitre
Ross Ohlendorf
Roy Oswalt
Brad Penny
Joel Pineiro
Jo-Jo Reyes
Joe Saunders
Mitch Talbot
Javier Vazquez
Tim Wakefield
Brandon Webb
Chris Young

Wow. Lots of ways we could go here. Oswalt sure would be nice, though I doubt it would ever happen. Just don’t sign Millwood. You tell me if anyone catches your eye. Gun to my head, I’ve always liked Chris Young, though he has all sorts of issues.  And I love Harden when he's healthy.  Fister/Harden...yes, please.

What’s the point of all this? Simple. We’ve still got a few months until the season starts. Anything can happen. Just don’t be too upset that DD isn’t in a hurry. The man always has a plan.

Fun With Youtube

The Rod Allen Incident

Haha…never gets old.

Cespedes Watch

From Lynn Henning’s Twitter:

One reason why Tigers figure to be a finalist for Yoenis Cespedes when he hits FA any day now: I think all their scouts are true believers.

Hear that, kids? Just like Santa Claus, fairies, and Cubs baseball…you just gotta believe.

He’s going to be a Marlin.

But, Plugs

-Over at Grantland, Rany Jazayerli wrote this piece on trading prospects for established stars.  It's a good read.  I promise, there's no Bill Simmons nonsense involved.

-At Brain Matters, Phil Coke's Brain takes a look inside the heads of Alex Avila, Brad Penny, and others.  I'm so pissed that I never thought of doing this.

-Sam at Roar of the Tigers shares her Eight Nights of Terrible Chanukah Cartoons.  Oy vey.  Funny stuff, as always.

-Add Matt Garza to the endless list of names rumored to be on the Tigers' trade radar.  Then again, the original report came out of Boston.  Boston reporters are scum.  And liars.  And from Boston.

That's all I've got.  Be good out there.


Anyone-but-Penny said...

Check out last years stats for Paul Maholm. He was 6-13 or somthing but it was a Doug Fister situation in Pittsburg. He has like a 3.69 ERA. Everyone was surprised the Pirates would let him go, he was there ace. He's a ground ball lefty. Like 52% ground ball ratio.

Reasonably cheap and pretty good, he should fit right into a 4 or 5 starter spot in Detroit.

Anyone-but-Penny said...

Thoughts that came to me after my original post:

Aaron Cook, Jeff Francis, Jon Garland, Rich Harden, Brandon Webb and Chris Young are all bounce-back candidates who have had success in their careers.

Livan Hernandez continues to be servicable despite being a million year old overweight zombie. Another guy who you left off is Jaime Moyer, who wants to make a comeback at 49 and has shown he can have success even when old in the past. Would be super cheap, just a ST invite probably.

Ross Ohlendorf is another pitcher who was decent, albeit not as good as Maholm, in Pittsburg with a terrible support cast.

Mitch Talbot was once a top prospect for the Rays, and is still young (27) He could be signed cheaply and put in the minors to try to fix him into somthing servicable.

On another note, I think Clay Hensley would be perfect to add to the Tigers bullpen. He was brilliant in Florida a couple years ago and was mentioned as a prime candidate for their closers role. They then idiotically tried to use him for spot stars in addition to relieving, and his numbers suffered, and they let him go. Perfect buy low guy for the Tigers will AlAl out.

Jay Hathaway said...

I like Harden and Young a lot, but Young tends to have season-ending injuries within weeks of the season opener.  I would take Edwin back, but not for the money he's gonna demand.  I wonder if Webb has anything left in the tank.  Lots of bounce-back types here.  Why not take a cheap gamble on one for the right price?  We have Turner waiting.

Pawsdeep said...

Doubt that Cespedes ends up in Miami. Really seems like DD is putting all his eggs in that basket and just looks like he's been saving all his money to go over the top for him. I see the Tigers giving Cespedes 6-7 years at 80-90 million.

As far as the starting staff goes, I've always liked Zach Duke and would love to see them sign him if it's for a reasonable ammount. I can't believe his regression will completely permanent and could see him having a bounce back year. I'd love to see that happen with him wearing the Old English D.

Damian56xx said...

Dombrowsi has been quoted as stating that the Tigers cannot afford more
than two 20M per annum contract players on the, what is
their max then?




If the Tigers manage to land Cespedes,then I would imagine one of their
OFers would soon be traded away or the club would not pick up their
option? (Young)

I don't see the Tigers' brass being able to plug or fix their most problematic areas on their roster, being leadoff, LH #2-3 SP, FT 2B, and to a somewhat lesser degree, another  3B until and/or IF Castellanos is going to end up playing there by '13 or '14.

Inge has been VERY fortunate as there have been, and still are very few if any, average or above average on O and D, 3B FA floating around MLB that could/can be signed up for a song, or traded for merely a handful of mediocre and/or washed-out prospects. I would not be that surprised if the check-swing "K"ing Inge manages to stick around somehow, and for more than just next season...sigh.

Also, Jhonny Peralta is signed for just one more season, and I have a feeling that the Tigers may want or will need to, or should seriously consider offering to extend him for a couple more seasons, that is, IF he can then agreeably and IMO, ideally  be moved to 2B after (or before, if possible) next season, and then the Tigers could trade for or sign a younger preferably SH SS who also hopefully can bat LH or SH as leadoff...