Friday, December 2, 2011

DIBS Voting 2011

So there’s this double top secret club called DIBS (Detroit Independent Baseball Scribes) made up of us Tiger blogging nerds. We meet once a year in a random, seedy, downtown Detroit location that I’m sworn to secrecy not to reveal. We all vote on some predetermined categories on the recent season. After, drinks are served, ecstasy and glow sticks are handed out, and bad decisions are made by everyone.

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen BYB’s David Tokarz drugged out of his mind, wearing nothing but a golden tutu, trying to convince Jen from Old English D that aliens are trying to communicate with us through Kurt Mensching’s penis. Meanwhile, Phil Coke’s Brain (wearing a gimp mask to conceal his identity) is in a corner playing Russian Roulette with John Parent and Austin Drake while RotT’s Sam is giggling like a lunatic drawing the whole thing in her sketchbook. Allison Hagen and Big Al sitting in a corner taking turns cutting themselves with a razor blade while she mutters “Casper” and he’s babbling “Millen”…crazy stuff.

I’m still pissed that the April in the D girls ended up leaving with the mLive guys. What a crock…hope they all got herpes now.

Obviously, none of that is true (or is it?). But we all did vote on some Tiger awards and I thought I’d share my votes, along with who the herd went with.


Most Valuable Tiger

DIBS: Justin Verlander
Rogo: Miguel Cabrera

JV continues to get all the love over the Tigers’ great season. And the guy deserves his praise. But I still feel that Cabrera was the team’s true MVP and without him, this team wouldn’t have done nearly as much.

Best Rookie

DIBS: Al Alburquerque
Rogo: Al Alburquerque

There was no other sane choice here. AlAl had a sensational year until injuries and the playoffs happened. Anyone that voted for Dirks should be forced to become a Twins fan.

Best Role Player

DIBS: Ramon Santiago
Rogo: Ryan Raburn

At least Don Kelly didn’t win. Santiago’s a fine choice, but there was no way that I could pass up showing some love to the RYNO. Raburn continues to be my favorite guilty pleasure on the team. In fact, I consider him to be one of the most absurdly entertaining players in baseball for a number of reasons. Perhaps I’ll write more on that at another time…

Best Moment

DIBS: Austin Jackson’s game ending double play throw vs Cleveland
Rogo: Raburn/Cabrera cap comeback-walkoff vs Chicago

The AJax play was amazing, don’t get me wrong. But to be down as far as we were, to see the team crawl back on national TV, and for Big Mig to cap the unbelieveable comeback with a walkoff homer? That was the moment when I knew we were going to win the division and make some noise in the playoffs. I think I watched Dan Dickerson's call with the replay on at least thirty times.  One of my favorite Tiger memories ever.

Team Clown

DIBS: Phil Coke
Rogo: Phil Coke

I love Mr. Coke. It’s a breath of fresh air to have a guy on the team with a personality for a change.

Best Hair

DIBS: Alex Avila
Rogo: Alex Avila

Lucky bastard.

Tiger Organization Name of the Year

DIBS: Doug Fister
Rogo: Doug Fister

Duh. Although the 12 year old inside me will always miss Charlie Furbush.

Goofiest Moment

DIBS: Tie-Avila’s mask sparks, Run Dirks Run, JV gives Kelly a hot foot
Rogo: JV gives Kelly a hot foot

I give my full support to the team setting Don Kelly on fire as much as possible. It should definitely become this team’s “Gum Time” inspirational activity. I also think they should douse him with kerosene in preparation, too. Now THAT is team spirit.

Best Victor Martinez- Senior or Junor

DIBS: Senior (barely…sigh)
Rogo: Senior

Yeah, little V-Mart is cute. I get it. I want to win baseball games. Silly award.

So there you go. Feel free to leave your choices below. Finally, the list of the people that voted, via BYB. Any mistakes here belong to Kurt…

● Roar of the Tigers -- Samara Pearlstein
● Motor City Bengals -- John Parent
● Tiger Tales -- Lee Panas
● Phil Coke's Brain Matters -- Anonymous
● April in The D -- Laura, Megan and Rosie
● Fire Gerald Laird -- Greg Papke
● Tigers Amateur Analysis -- Erin Saelzler
● Where have you gone, Johnny Grubb? -- Greg Eno
● Detroit Tigers Scorecard -- Austin Drake
● Detroit Tigers Weblog -- Kevin Vela
● Deetown Tigers -- Skip
● Detroit Jock City -- Zac Snyder
● Bless You Boys -- David Tokarz, Matt Wallace, Al Beaton, Kurt Mensching and Alli Hagen
● Mlive's Tigers coverage -- Matt Sussman, James Schmehl, Ian Casselberry
● Old English D -- Jen Cosey

…and of course, me. As “The Beaver”.


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