Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Love Being Right

Yesterday, I said the following about Don Kelly receiving the first EVER Tigers' Tenth Man Award from the mysterious Detroit Baseball Society:

"I can only assume that the DBS is a fictional group concocted by the Detroit media to give their best friend Kelly even more unneeded press."

I received an anonymous tip that led me to this page.  No, the DBS is not fictional.  But how did they originally form?  Let me save you the trouble of reading though it all.

The Detroit Baseball Dinner gave birth in 2003 to The Detroit Baseball Society, which is devoted to year-round activities and conviviality among those who love baseball in Detroit.

Detroit Baseball Dinner?

Conceived in 2001 by Detroit News sports writer Lynn Henning, The Detroit Baseball Dinner brings together local baseball fans – men and women alike -- team figures, media, and those with a deep appreciation for the game in an atmosphere heavy on festiveness and friendship.

You see?!?  This is all that rat bastard Henning's fault!  Of COURSE he started all this and now his best buddy Don Kelly is getting an award they CREATED JUST FOR HIM!

/pulls remaining six hairs out

I pray every night that I wake up a fan of a different team.  It never happens.  Dammit.  Stupid Tigers fanbase making me want to kill everyone...

Oh, for the ten of you Tiger fans out there that aren't a nutjob, a real post will be up in the next 24 hours about the roster.  I promise.  Thanks...

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