Thursday, October 13, 2011

Still Alive: Tired Notes from ALCS Game Five

Just breathe. We're not dead yet.

I safely returned from tonight's Game Five between Detroit and Texas without harming anyone or myself. It was a slow-arriving crowd that seemed ready for the worst. Luckily, the Tigers had other plans.

One thing I'll always remember about the 2011 Tigers, no matter what happens, is how tough these bastards are. Delmon Young hit two more homers today, even though he probably shouldn't even be playing. Victor Martinez is busted up even worse, yet he hit a key TRIPLE in today's ballgame. Justin Verlander threw, I believe, 482 pitches today to take one for the team and save the tired/crappy bullpen. Miguel Cabrera is still a monster. And poor Alex Avila, who some might say is clinically dead, muscled out a homer off of CJ Wilson. Amazing day.

Quote of the day belonged to the 50+ year old woman next to me at the game. After hearing the loud ovation that Brandon Inge received from the CoPa crowd today, she muttered, "I must be the only person in this place that doesn't think this guy's very good." I laughed and asked her to adopt me.

The season is now in the hands of Mr. Max Scherzer. If Good Max shows up on Saturday and we get it to Fister on Sunday, I think this bad boy is ours. Our walking wounded pack of Tigers can still pull this off, kids. Step one...complete. Keep the faith.

Oh my...almost forgot. Mega props to the ULEASHED BEAST in the form of #PlayoffHeroRyanRaburn.
The Ryno hit a single and homer today and upped his postseason average to .316. Who was it that never lost faith in him again?  Um...oh yeah. ME, ME, AND ONLY ME! The Ryno's my boy.

Well deserved day off on Friday for the Tigers and their fans. One more time, everyone, we can still do this. It's not over until the Brandon Inge fan fat lady sings.

Note: The Tigers are now 3-0 in playoff games where I am in attendance including 2-0 this year. Someone buy me airfare and tickets to Texas, NOW.

Photos via The Freep.


Perry Tilley said...

Thank goodness for an off day. I 've had no sleep this week, I'm not sure where my kids are and theer's no food in the house.

Jay Hathaway said...

Hahaha, I can relate to that, for sure.

Jfj8ww said...

Ryan Raburn, baseball's enigma.
OPS by month:
April: .747
May: .270
June: .657
get ready for it...
August: .844
September: 1.116
Playoffs: 1.06

It would be less surprising if this wasn't a yearly occurrence   

rob said...

If I see fox pan to the dugout to hear ron washington go yeah yeah yeah yeah!!! when texas is about to score a run I think I might join the kkk

Kevin said...

I hate those camera shots its so stupid. Why cant they show Leyland when the tigers run the bases. Maybe I hate the washington camera shots because I hate watching the enemy celebrate. Ruck the Fangers.