Sunday, October 2, 2011

Game Two: Beyond Thunderdome

A couple thoughts since I've finally taken the gun out of my mouth...

-Miguel Cabrera is awesome.

-Max Scherzer needed to have a huge game. And Mad Max pitched beyond all expectations.

-Magglio went 3-3. Remember when ALL OF YOU JERKS wanted him cut? Eat a lit cherry bomb.

-Don Kelly almost ruined everything. Really Don? An RBI single in the 9th to put us up by 4? What's wrong with you?!? Valverde is awful in non-save situations! Think next time! This is why we cannot be friends.

-Papa Grande's "Ghost of Todd Jones" act was the most stressful 20 minutes of my life since I last saw police sirens...not a good feeling.

-Verlander must be amazing tomorrow since Benoit and Valverde are gassed. Now's the time to show if he's worth all this MVP talk.

-And I'll be there. Wearing the ratty black hoodie I wore to the Magglio '06 homer game. Because I'm weird like that.

Keep the faith, kids. Despite what TBS/TNT thinks, the Yankees aren't the only f'n show in town.


Baroque97 said...

I will be there too. I got a ticket in the bleachers on the spur of the moment.

I won't get home until 2:00 am and I need to go to work on Tuesday morning so I will be dragging my ass, but I DON'T CARE BECAUSE I NEED TO BE THERE IN PERSON FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE.

Gibby23roar84 said...

Did Cano hit a grand-slam on Friday night? You'd think since it was the only grand-slam ever hit in post-season history, they would have mentioned it a little more.

rick2000 said...

Oh man, crying about the announcers. That a classic small market pathetic move. Root for the Tigers and stop whining about Ron Darling. Unless you're into that whole 'nobody believed in us' cliche stuff. Who cares? Maybe care more about your closer taking 34 pitches to finish the game, doing his dumb little fat man bunny hop, and then promising the series is done in 4. And before you start crying that everyone is against us, remember that our best player blew three times the legal limit and didn't miss a game. 

StretchTB said...

Glad Magglio went 3 for 3 last night.. did you see that he almost retired midseason?

Michael Wilson said...

I'm sorry, since when did something a player did during the off season determine that he should be suspended during the regular season?  Does your boss suspend you when you get a speeding ticket?  Or do they suspend you when you get drunk?  They didn't catch him drunk driving, they found him on the side of the road intoxicated.

You sir are a fucking douche.

Bryan T. said...

You know Rick, When you were born someone looked into the hospital room and said "look, there is a cunt coming out of a cunt's cunt."  Your lower then a douche bag, your a douch nozzle.

Russell White said...

A Yankees fan that is obnoxious and doesn't understand all the details? Well now I've heard everything.

Valverde said it as a joke, and told everyone he was joking but you didn't read that part.  Probably because it wasn't done for you in cartoon and pretty pictures.  

And really from what I've read, it was about 50-50 picking this series so there isn't any 'Nobody believed in us' cliche stuff.  It's fine if you're scarred.  Since you clearly have a vagina.

And by the amount of verbal fellatio that the announcers give Jeter, I can assume that they have had more Jeter semen in them Minka and the Jessica's combined.  

Chill out Yankee fan, it's a great series no need for trolling.

H2OPoloPunk said...

That's a bitchin' pic of Mad Max.