Monday, October 10, 2011

Baseball Is Stupid

So, in the last couple days, my baseball team has fallen behind 2-0 in the ALCS to the Texas Rangers and my favorite player broke his ankle and his career is likely over. There are not enough curse words that have been discovered yet to fully express my feelings. Instead, I offer you a quick look at what's been good and bad about the ALCS so far.

The Good
1. Max Scherzer
2. #PlayoffHeroRyanRaburn
3. Don Kelly (of all people)
4. Terry Francona's commentary

The Bad
1. (tie) Everything Else

Once again, we look to Doug Fister to save our season. Hope is not lost, kids. But she's fading...


OldManMags said...

I feel you pain Rogo.

rocky colavito said...

The only good thing that could come out of this - is if McCarver becomes the 21st century Wally Pipp

Jay Hathaway said...

I'm actually still optimistic.  A 3-game home sweep would give us a nice edge.  Stranger things have happened, such as playoff MVP candidates Don "Mattingly" Kelly, The Ryan (Raburn) Express, and my Lions beating your Bears (buahahahahahaha...ok, I'm done).

The bottom line is, our pitching is doing great.  If we hold a team like Texas to 3 runs, we should get the W.  As I'm typing this (in a college cafeteria), I just spotted a D-bag across the room with a Rangers hat on.  I shit you not.  Pardon me, I have to go slide-tackle someone.  And by slide-tackle, I mean shoot him a dirty look.

Eyerunthis said...

Tito has been decent at the mic, but he better stop saying "everything moves" when talking about a pitchers stuff

Epalicki said...

Isn't Ryan Perry's regular season ERA something like 875,000?

ChaunceyD said...

Seriously, didn't Jhonny Peralta and Miggy Cabrera and Victor Martinez and Alex Avila used to be on this team?

Biff Mayhem said...

Surprise of the series: Pierzynski is actually decent as an announcer.

H2OPoloPunk said...

A 3-game home sweep would give us a nice edge.Yes, and I think it could happen. Less likelihood of a rain-out.

If we hold a team like Texas to 3 runs, we should get the W.

But we haven't. It makes me want to stab a hobo it's so infuriating.