Monday, September 26, 2011

Miguel Cabrera: Shutting Up the Haters

Here’s a few things that were written about Miguel Cabrera in Spring Training after his DUI arrest in Florida.

Has the alcoholism for which Miguel Cabrera was treated more than a year ago gripped him so severely that a magnificent baseball player's career, at age 27, is threatened by a disease so unrelenting? –Lynn Henning, Detroit News

And he skated once again, the Pussy Cats happy to enable the player to whom they’ll pay more than $100 million over the next five years because it’s so much easier than holding him accountable. –Jeff Passan, Yahoo

The Tigers are tied to Cabrera because the remaining money in his contract is guaranteed to him under baseball’s collective bargaining agreement. His trade value is diminished for now, and the Tigers cannot cut somone of his immense production without handcuffing their franchise for the remainder of the deal. –Alan Babbitt, Holland Sentinel

(Cabrera is) a public menace. –Mitch Album, Detroit Free Press

…the Tigers should seek voiding the remaining five years -- and $107 million -- of his contract. –Drew Sharp

I mocked them at the time for these statements. You can review those and more of me mocking the haters here, here, here, and here if you like.

Do you “highly respected” reporter jerkoffs remember when you all wrote that crap? I do.

Here’s two more quotes for you from the same time...

It has no effect. It might make some dramatic reading material. It’s not going to do shit. Believe me. Nothing. –Jim Leyland

The point of ALL of this is, you don’t know Cabrera’s situation. As I write this, I’m listening to the commentators on ESPN’s “Around The Horn” calling him an alcoholic, talking about suspending him, saying he needs months of treatment, and all other sorts of ignorant nonsense. Maybe he does. Maybe he doesn’t. Point is, WE DON’T KNOW! Every situation is not the same. Life is not always black and white. It's usually shades of gray. –Me, in this piece, one of my favorites I’ve written here since starting this site.

Jim Leyland and Your Party Host...on the same side for the first time ever.

What’s the point of rehashing all of this? A couple reasons.

1. I love being right.
2. I love when people that disagree with me are wrong.
3. Miguel Cabrera is awesome and the sportswriters that all kicked him while he was down, and are now kissing his ass, fucking make me sick.

Here’s what Cabrera has done this year (with three games to go) in a season that many predicted would be the worst of his career:

Batting Average: .341
Leading the league in hitting, highest average of his career.

Wins Above Replacement (WAR): 6.9
4th in the AL, 2nd highest of his career.

Offensive WAR: 7.6
2nd in the AL, highest offensive WAR of his career.

OBP: .447
Tied for 1st in the AL, highest OBP of his career, 27 points higher than his league-leading mark of last season

Slugging Percentage: .579
2nd in the AL, 2nd highest of his career.

OPS: 1.025
2nd in the AL, 2nd highest of his career.

OPS+: 180
2nd in the AL, highest OPS+ of career, 1 point higher than his league-leading mark of last year.

Doubles: 46
2nd in the AL, 2nd highest of his career.

Walks: 108
2nd in the AL, highest walk total of career.

Yes, his home run and RBI totals are lower compared to recent years. Some are down on him for that. But to them, I say give me a freaking break. 29 homers today is 45 homers ten years ago. As for the RBI total, well it’s hard to knock in runners that don’t exist. With the low OBP guys that have hit in front of Cabrera this season, I’m amazed he’s broken the 100 RBI mark at all. Blame Jim Leyland for that.

More Random Cabrera Stats

Runs Created: 143, highest of his career.

K/Walk ratio: 0.81, lowest of his career. In fact, this will be the lowest total number of strikeouts for Miguel’s career in any full season played.

Average on first pitch swinging: .446

Average with RISP: .397

Point is, Miguel Cabrera is amazing and has put together the second finest season of his amazing young career. Only last year was better. Home runs are the sexy stat, but if you dive inside the numbers, you see how outstanding this year has been for Big Mig. If you figure in all the doubters in the media, the ironically drunken fans heckling him about being a drunk, and everything else the man has gone through this season, it just becomes more and more mind-boggling how great he is.

No matter what happens from here on out this year, THANK YOU Miguel Cabrera for being so awesome at baseball. And thank you for shutting up the judgmental pricks in the stands and in the media.

I'm proud to have had your back from the beginning.


Russell White said...

If God doesn't give Jeff Passan terminal cancer soon, i'm going to stop believing in Him. 

tigers22 said...

so true... anyone who even suggested cutting ties with him or that'd he'd hurt this team is an absolute fucking joke 

H2OPoloPunk said...

Well said, Rogo. Fuck the haters, ESPECIALLY Henning. What a fuck.

As you may recall from a previous post, I put Miggy @ #3 for my MVP voting. I'm sticking with that.

SRogo said...

After really looking it all over, I'm thinking of moving him up to #2 ahead of Verlander.

JacksTigers said...

You really need to do one of those "meanwhile in Chicago" posts

Yooper2 said...

Long-time reader & first-time poster.  You're right on (as usual).  The haters are ignorant, and undeserving of the magnificent accomplishment of OUR DETROIT TIGER team in 2011. 

StretchTB said...

Remember in spring training when Buster Olney said that the Tigers couldn't contend in the AL with Miguel Cabrera and his distractions? Now he's about to win the batting title... suck it sports writers.

Pawsdeep said...

That Jeff Passan article you quoted is the single determining factor of why he is on my permanent "shit list". Fuck that talentless hack.

It is nice to see Miggy doing what Miggy does best. His DUI is merely an after thought n

Slob Jones said...

Four games left. Still time for Drunko to party with the White Sox!

Djh said...

You're an ignorant prick and obviously know SQUAT about baseball or dignity !

Jay Hathaway said...

Maybe he was referring to himself as "Drunko," and was simply expressing his desire to drink with the South Side's lamest?  No?  But seriously--Drunko?  C'mon, use some creativity if you're going to rip on the man.  That's like calling somebody "Fucko."  It deserves to be mocked.  Of course, coming from a name like Slob Jones...a real masterpiece of a handle.  As long as we're doing uninspired screen names, how about "Nutsack McGee?"

Robeartoe said...

Dead on one more time. Mitch Albom is called a Pussy where I come from,

Kevin said...

congratulations to cabby on another 30-100 season, as well as a very high batting average. Its funny how all these writers thought his season would tank because of the drunken incident, as well as the trolls from mlive said we should trade him because he does more harm than good. IDIOTS