Monday, August 15, 2011

Tigers Acquire Delmon Young: The Good and Bad of the Deal

In case you live under a rock and haven't heard, the Tigers traded a A-Ball pitcher Cole Nelson and a player to be named later to Minnesota for outfielder Delmon Young. Here's the good and bad sides of the deal.

-Last year, Delmon hit .298 with 21 HR, 112 RBI.

-For his career, he's a .289 hitter.

-He's only 25 years old.

-Austin Jackson is now not the only black guy on the team.

-The team didn't sell its soul for a chance at a division title by releasing Magglio Ordonez to make room for him. In fact...

-Adios, Tinkerbell! Will Rhymes sent back to Triple-A where he belongs.

-More RYNO at second! (I may be alone here...)

-Magglio FINALLY moved down to #7 in the lineup.

-.344 lifetime hitter vs. the White Sox.

-Chance of DA MEAT HOOK sightings in Detroit go up considerably.

-Great arm in the outfield...something the Tigers have been lacking.

-Once threw his bat at a Triple-A umpire after being called out on strikes. With the amount of times the Tigers have been screwed by poor umpiring, we need a guy that doesn't take any crap.

-Has struggled this season due to injury.

-Never walks.

-Career batting average of .251 vs. Cleveland is his worst against any AL team.

-Another slow guy that blows on defense (other than his arm). In fact...

-Detroit's defense now worse than that of a wheelchair softball team's.
Overall, I'm quite happy with this deal. Unless they eventually cut Magglio. Then I'm going on an epic drinking binge...


JacksTigers said...

Magglio will be gone when Boesch comes back. He will be DFA'd and perhaps be playing in Toledo until the September call-ups. It's time to move on, though. He is old, slow, and terrible now. Thank you Maggs for the memories and it will be tough to see him leave, but it's time. I'll miss him as much as the next guy, but believe that he needs to goes.

Perry Tilley said...

Saw the Tigers this weekend in Baltimore. Maggs is a big whole in the lineup and the field. For people as old as me, this reminds me of the early to mid 70;s when the Tigers let Norm Cash, Bill Freehan and Jim Northrup go.  It's hard to see those heros go. I would put Maggs at that level. Hate to see him playing like this.

Pawsdeep said...

You have to think maggs is gonna go...I love the guy and he will always be one of the Tiger greats, but they have given him ample time to come back. I was not on the 'cut maglio' bandwagon early in the year and really wasn't until they had a better bat to replace him, but now it seems his tenure is up in detroit. As soon as boesch is back, maggs will be on the bench or outright released, as sad is that is for me to type. And I'm sure young will be offered arb and maggs will not be resigned, and at this point in there careers, Young will be a much better replacement at half the cost.