Thursday, August 18, 2011

DNR = Blogging EXCELLENCE...Vote Now

Thanks to Kurt from BYB for pointing out that DesigNate Robertson is in the running for CBS Detroit's Most Valuable Blogger award for 2011. I can only assume that this is some sort of movie stunt where they elect the fat, ugly broad as Homecoming Queen so they can mock her more.  But whatever.  ROGO LUVS ATTENTION.

So go to this link, kids. Vote for DesigNate Robertson early and often. Resist temptation to vote for a good blog like Roar of the Tigers, Detroit4Lyfe, The Wayne Fontes Experience, or one of the others. That would be boring. Instead, vote for um, CHANGE and stuff.

My campaign promises that I won't keep:

-Death to Don Kelly on pay-per-view. Money to be donated to one of Inge's favorite hospitals. And my wallet.

-Free, um, favors from the FSD girls and/or Rick Porcello. Whatever floats your boat.

-A promotion from Toledo for TIMO!

-A demotion from Toledo for CLETE!

-Fewer lazy posts. (yeah, right)

-A flat tax! Maybe...once someone explains to me what a flat tax is!

-Guns, hookers, and firetrucks.

-Nate Robertson's return...but just to the Mud Hens. More Nate equals more DNR fun.

-A rest for Alex Avila. They're gonna kill him, you know.

-And other stuff. Whatever you want. Who loves ya, baby?

/shakes hands

/kisses babies

/winks at chubby intern

I got this down already...


Tiger_Fan said...

Rogo, I was going to vote, but then I read this:
"Not your average Tigers blog! Well written and thought out with tons of humor. As the site says, Detroit Tigers coverage...with balls"With that kind of description, I figured they couldn't be talking about the same DNR we all love...

frisbeepilot said...

A flat income tax is a bad idea. Progressive taxation allows the poor to pay lower tax rates and rich people to pay higher rates, which levels the playing field. I can't go for that (no can do).

Kurt Mensching said...

Jason, you ignorant slut!

H2OPoloPunk said...

Voted. You are by far the most entertaining blog for Tiger fans. BYB are great for nerding out; you're great for hanging out. 

Derek Schwanger said...

I have to vote every DAY?!? Can I just be like Congress and expect I'll get my way and just take vacations all year?!?!?!

frisbeepilot said...

Not so much "ignorant" as "communist," but I'll take the slut part.

Kurt Mensching said...

communist and ignorant are one in the same, my friend.