Sunday, June 26, 2011

As Close to Greatness as I'll Ever Get

That's me on the left, rocking the Higgy jersey. My friend Derek's on the right.

Wonderful ceremony today before the game. It was a great surprise to see that Lou Whitaker made it out after early reports said he wouldn't attend. And yeah, I misted up a bit during the tribute video. Must have been allergies or something. Amazing comeback late in the game started by a Don Kelly pinch-hit single and capped by Miguel Cabrera being awesome. They piled it on from there.  It was a day I'll never forget.

Thank you, Detroit, for a tremendous afternoon at the park.

And one final time, thank you Sparky...for just being Sparky. You were the best.


Jennifer Cosey said...

Hey idiot, you're blocking the A and the N. Show some respect.

Kevin L. said...

Hey, "Iderson" was a great manager, too.  In all seriousness, I was at the game yesterday with mywife, parents and three-year-old daughter for her first trip to the ballpark.  Best. Day. Ever.

Shannon said...

Sorry, as the photographer, I must say there was certainly no disrespect intended.  Meeting Sparky when I was 8 years old is the whole reason I ever became a Tiger fan.  It's just that I was trying to snap the picture in the split second where you couldn't see the other hundred people who had the same idea as us : )

Jennifer Cosey said...

Shannon, my comment was a joke, because Rogo had taunted me about being at the game when I was not.  ;)