Friday, May 13, 2011

Site News: Blogger Blew Up Yesterday

Real quick, apparently someone at Google/Blogger did something horrible in an update the other day and nobody that uses said service for their blogs has been able to access them for around 24 hours.  In addition, any blog pieces and comments that were put up after Wednesday morning had to be deleted for some reason.  I/we weren't given any warning to any of this until it was too late and it's pretty annoying.

The last post on the interleague article will be back up later this evening.  I managed to make a copy of it, and the 12 or so comments left after it, just before Blogger wiped it all away.  It's all saved on my laptop at home and I'll restore it when I get off work today.  (EDIT:  Blogger finally put it back up themselves.  Yay.) This is the first major problem I've had with Blogger in the 3 years or whatever that I've been doing this, so I'm not going to be a big crybaby like many are doing right now.

However, Blogger did rob YOU, the viewing audience, of my latest piece of brilliance I had put together for yesterday.  I laughed out loud twice while writing it, so that means I'm guaranteed some hate mail.  But now, I'm going to have to wait to post it until next week because no one reads my bullshit on the weekends. (EDIT #2: I changed my mind.)

So, Google/Blogger (if that is your REAL name), I forgive you this time.  But if it happens again...everybody dies.

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