Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sending Myself Down to Toledo

So, in an effort to save a small fortune on gas, move closer to work, and more importantly, be closer to my son, I will be spending the next few days moving back to Toledo.  Thus, there probably won't be any further updates on here until after Easter.  I should hopefully be settled in by then unless I somehow recreate the picture above.

As I write this, we are down 4-1 to Seattle in the 4th inning, but I don't care.  I'm too upset at this team.  And it's not just because Don Kelly is hitting third today.  (Really, Jim?  Someone kill Leyland.  He wants to lose.)  I'm upset because I just can't see how they could pass up the obvious promotion from the Hens for today...it blows my mind.

No, I'm not beating the "Free Scott Sizemore" drum again.  Well, not right now.

I'm upset at the Tigers for not bringing up Charlie Furbush for this game against the M's.  I mean, how can this team deprive the us from seeing the epic Fister/Furbush confrontation the world has been waiting for?  I know I'd like to see Rod describing the dynamics of Fister/Furbush.

See you soon.  Fister/Furbush...ha, I kill me.

/shows self out

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