Monday, March 14, 2011

Patron Saint Update

It's been a while since I've checked in on Our Hero.  Nate is trying to make the Seattle Mariners team in some way this season after spending last year bouncing around the minor leagues inbetween getting killed in rare MLB appearances.  How's he doing so far this spring?  Is he still looking bowling shoe ugly on the mound?  Has whoever signed him to his minor league deal been fired yet?  Is Luke French making fun of him behind his back?  Has Ichiro bought into "Gum Time" yet?

Or is he putting together the biggest comeback seen since George Foreman, Josh Hamilton, or Jesus Christ?  Let's take a look.

3 games
7 innings pitched
0-1 record
7.71 ERA
1 blown save
11 hits
6 earned runs
2 walks
7 strikeouts
1 hit batter
1.86 WHIP
.367 opposing batting average

Yup.  That seems about right.

Why do I see him ending up on the Pirates sometime this year?  I can feel it, I tell you...

EDIT:  A little over two hours after I posted this, it was announced that Nate needs elbow surgery and will be out at least four weeks.  Tough luck, old friend.  Tough luck.

Did I curse him? Do I have that power?  Hmmm...

/furiously beings writing "Don Kelly Update" article


Dan said...

So you know this means he's got a 9.0 K/9 going on right. :)

Marques723 said...

Nate Dogg!! I live 4 miles from your house.

OldEnglishD said...

Perhaps you might give a hat tip to the generous, wonderful blogger who gave you the heads up on your hero's latest injury.....hahahahahahahahaha. I kid. I could care less if you credit me....because I'm so generous and wonderful, and...

Auxesis said...

I love looking at the stats for Nate's 2006 season. Even though he was ERA was solid, you still can't help but look at his stats and feel like his ERA should not be in the mid-5 range... where it always is.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I remember about Nate Robertson is him starting out the 04 season okay, and than falling apart in the second half. I remember he gave up a homer to david eckstein and he and pudge were arguing in the dugout lol.