Friday, January 14, 2011

Welcome home...TIMO!

I had to change my shorts this morning when I received the news that the Tigers have signed 35 year old Timo Perez to a minor league deal.  Timo, as long time readers of DNR know, is a favorite of mine.  Why?  Because unlike Clete Thomas, Don Kelly, and others, he can HIT THE BALL!  Timo is old and will probably not see any time with the club, but I'm still thrilled to see him back in the organization.  Anything's better than the Mexican League for a guy with his talents.

Read more about Timo here in one of my more interesting posts.  Was I being serious or not?  Who knows!

Also, Brad Penny signed to be the fifth starter.  At first, I wasn't too happy about the deal due to his injury-filled past.  But then I remembered what ELSE was in his past:
Alyssa Milano!  That's right...Brad Penny used to date her!  Hooray!  Granted, Milano's pretty much been passed around MLB and the NHL like a joint at Woodstock, but WHO CARES!  Eat that, Matt Treanor!  Misty-May's an ugly skank compared to Alyssa Milano!  Good hustle, Brad.  Good bloody hustle.
Giggity goo.  Now if only Timo could hook up with Milano....HEAD ASPLODE!

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rea said...

Ms. Milano has dated, not only Penny, but also Zito and Pavano. Keep her away from any pitchers you like!