Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Few Things That Made Me Smile

I had a rough day in the real world today, but should have the DNR Tigers Report Card up in 24-48 hours. Have no fear, my friends! I know this is important to all (both) of you. But before I get that up, there's a couple things that I recommend you checking out if you can take a break from porn for a little while.

Over at Roar of the Tigers, Samara made my day with this cartoon of some of the Tigers as members of the Star Trek crew. The Don Kelly part is nothing short of brilliant.

Blake may be in hibernation at The Spotstarters, but he's still taking the occasional break from trying to find a minority in Connecticut to do work at Fans of Mediocrity. In his latest, he finally gets around to doing a bit on Nate Robertson that left me jealous that I never did a piece this good on Our Hero. Bravo, Blake, and Happy Birthday.

Last, but not least, stop by Motor City Bengals and hear friend of the blog John Parent out on the work he's done helping to put together THE ultimate Major League Baseball Trade Primer for 2010. JP and multiple writers have gotten together and written over 165 pages that cover every team in baseball recapping the first half, team needs, potential targets, and a lot more. John handled the parts on the Tigers and was kind enough to pass along an advance copy for me to read. If I thought it wasn't worth it, I wouldn't recommend it, but I was blown away at the amount of material in there overall. There were even some interesting potential Tiger trade options that I hadn't even considered that have me intrigued.

If you're a baseball junkie, this is an easy buy for under $10 and I hope you enjoy it. Also, ESPN's Rob Neyer is penning the forward to it which is quite the coup for these guys. Neyer is one of the few at the WWL that I still respect. So check it out.

Or not. Pricks. Your loss.

Ha. Seeya soon...

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