Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Night at the Park

With today’s series opener against the dreaded Yanks of New York dedicated to the memory of the late Ernie Harwell, I really felt the need to be there to be a part of it. To take it all in. To say goodbye. Yes, even snarky, potty-mouthed, smart alecs like myself have heroes and feelings, and losing the legendary voice of the Tigers was as hard on Your Party Host as it was on many of you.

So, a group of us made the trek to D-Town to take it all in. Here’s a few notes and thoughts on the day’s happenings that stood out to me.

-Arriving at our seats, we found a group of Yankee fans sitting in our spots. Of course. It always feels good to tell a Yankee fan to screw off. They left without further incident. Too bad, as I was hoping to see one of them tased by Tiger security. (Are we doing this yet?)

-Today couldn’t have been easy on Al Kaline, Willie Horton, Ray Lane, Paul Carey, and the Harwell family in attendance, but they did fine jobs being there for the pregame ceremonies in Ernie’s honor. At first, I kind of expected more to be done to honor Ernie today, but the more I thought about it, I think a more low key thing was what he would have wanted, from what I have read of the man. Regardless, Ernie will never be forgotten.

-During the moment of silence as the “EH” flag was being raised, I kept hearing talking behind me in the otherwise silent section of right field where we were sitting. I turned around and saw the voices belonged to (of course) Yankee fans. Have some respect, people. I know Yankee fans in general are mindless, soulless piles of garbage, but come on…

-Jose Feliciano performed one of the more memorable versions of the national anthem that I have ever heard. He got a standing ovation afterwards and no one wanted to kill him, unlike in ’68 when he did it. Congrats, Jose!

-Dontrelle’s sick again, huh? Whatever. But is Brad Thomas really our #6 starter? Now, I’ve ridden Eddie Bonine pretty hard since starting this blog, but the kid has pitched his butt off so far in the young season and is doing the impossible in winning me over. Why hasn’t he been given the starting nod yet? He’s had to relieve Thomas in both outings and his ERA is down to 1.02 after today. Then again, we’re 2-0 when Brad starts. It’s a goofy game, this baseball.

-Does anyone want Carlos Guillen to ever come back? Brennan Boesch continued his hot hitting with two hits and three RBI today. Unless Carlos can play shortstop again, I am in no hurry to see him gimp around the field anytime soon. I just need to decide on the proper nickname for the Tiger rookie…

-Das WunderBoeschen is an inside joke that only two people will get.
-Osh Gosh Ba Boesch is…stupid.
-Oh My Boesch! Also dumb.
-Boesch Pit…not for him. Maybe for a group of fans, though.
-Boesch Spice? Too 1997, methinks…
-Boesch Brother? Has potential…I’ll think about it.

Brennan’s a stupid name, though.

-How good did it have to feel for Johnny D to hit that homer against his former team that didn’t want to pay him this offseason? I’m sure he and the wife will be enjoying reliving that moment over cocktails later. Perhaps cosmopolitans…

-Tiger fans HATE Nick Swisher! They rode him all game without remorse. Only A-Rod got more hate from the Tiger faithful. I enjoyed it.

-Zoom looked pretty good again. Then, in the top of the 8th, I see him coming back out to the mound. “What the f-ck is Jim doing”, I yelled aloud. “Why isn’t Perry coming in?” I wasn’t the only one asking the question in my section, either. Sure enough, the Yanks had gotten enough of a good look at Joel, started teeing off, and almost tied the game up. Luckily, Phil Coke and Ryan Perry put out the fire before the game could be blown. Nice try at screwing it up though, Jim. You moron.

-Brandon Inge sucks.

-Ran into Jen from Old English D at the game. Jen and I poke fun at each other in our blogs from time to time, but it was, as always, nice to see her again. That is, except for the fact that she insisted on hugging me. I know I’m sexy, kid, but you need to pay your fifty bucks like everyone else does to touch me, okay?

-Magglio made a diving catch in right to rob Derek Jeter late in the game that saved the ballgame. Remember last year when Jim yanked him in the 6th inning every game because he supposedly couldn’t play d anymore? Then, we would get screwed whenever that spot came back up in the lineup again? My point is, I hate Jim Leyland more and more lately…

-Back to Brandon, that worthless sh-t. My friend that got the tickets for us and also drove showed up wearing THIS outfit for the game.

He did it intentionally to piss me off, as he knows I loath the Special Little Guy while he is his favorite player for some stupid reason. Really? The Inge all-star jersey? Needless to say, he heard much from me after Brandon’s 0-4, 2 K performance today. Felt good. I wanted to taste his tears.

-Jose Valverde is awesome. He struck out the side in the 9th for his 9th save of the year. It is a much better feeling to see Papa Grande coming in for the 9th than it was when Jonesey or Captain Crookedhat stumbled out. And did I mention…


But the guy is going to get one of our players hit in the head. The way he celebrates after each strikeout, well, someone’s going to take it the wrong way. It’s fun to watch since he’s on our side, but if I were an opposing team’s fan, I’d probably be upset with his antics.

Just don’t get Cabrera drilled, okay, big man? Gracias.


OldEnglish said...
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OldEnglish said...

I didn't hug you, I tripped and fell into you by mistake. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Ian C. said...

Funny about that Valverde signing, huh? During the offseason, it was TEH WORST MOVE EV4R!!!! Now, everyone loves the dancing bear.

Anonymous said...

What is Valverde doing in that picture? Laying a big potato?