Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More Fun With Spring Training Photos

Robin Buckson from the Detroit News and Julian Gonzalez from the Freep continue to have their fine photos from Spring Training coming in. Please check their work out.  As I've said before, I love when camp starts up.  Everyone's joking around and having fun.  Baseball isn't a "serious business" quite yet.  And I like to have fun with it, of course.  So here's some more pics with some goofy captions that shouldn't be taken seriously.  Check them out after the jump.  And yes, my stupd ass finally learned how to put in a jump break.

"...so he says rectum?  Damn near killed him!  Hahaha..."

"That's right.  Just blow on it...no need for a DL trip already, okay, Carlos?

"And another thing, Curtis.  Drop the nice guy bullsh-t.  That's my gimmick.  And get some contacts.  True Yankees don't strike out 140 times.  Oh, and never make direct eye contact with me.  No one does that to The Captain.  And when..."

"Smell my finger, Armando.  You know you love it."

"Wait, Johnny.  There's also baked shrimp.  Fried shrimp.  Shrimp cocktail.  Buttered shrimp.  Shrimp ka-bobs.  Shrimp..."

"Wait a minute...THAT is the defense behind me this year?" 

"Yeah, I saw Jeter kill the hooker, too.  Just keep your mouth shut, Marcus.  We could be next."

"So Jim says, 'sure, Dontrelle, you're still in the team's plans.'  Hahaha..."

"But Skip, I don't WANNA do my homework first!"

Ahh, Spring.  Hopefully some pictures of Joe Mauer breaking his leg come in.  Wouldn't that be nice?

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