Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The DNR 25: #16 Kenny Rogers

Full Name
Kenneth Scott Rogers


None (Plant City High School, Plant City, FL)

1982, 39th round, Texas Rangers

MLB Seasons

Tiger Seasons

Career Stats
219-156, 4.27 ERA, 108 ERA+, 1.403 WHIP

Career Leaderboard
4 time All Star (’95, ’04, ’05, ’06)
5 time Gold Glove (’00, ’02, ’04, ’05, ’06)
2nd All Time in Pickoffs (93)
2006: 5th in Cy Young voting

Best Tiger Season
2006 was Kenny’s best year, obviously. 2007 was ruined by injury. 2008 was ruined by being terrible. But in ’06, he went 17-8, with a 3.84 ERA, and a 119 ERA+ in 204 innings pitched in the regular season.

Better yet, in the playoffs, he threw 23 scoreless innings for the Tigers as the leader of the surprising pitching staff.

Little Known Fact
Kenny’s original goal was to try and play in the majors for three years. That way, he’d be able to qualify for a pension. If baseball didn’t work out, he wanted to be a farmer. He ended up pitching for 20 years in the big leagues after 7 years in the minors.

Reason For Being On The List
The performance of Rogers in the 2006 playoffs was nothing short of amazing, especially when you consider his previous failures in the playoffs for other teams. Not only did he shut down New York, Oakland, and St. Louis for us, but he mentored and helped the young gun pitchers of the future all season long.

Despite whatever smudges on his hand that the media used as excuses to try and cheapen his performance, the man was unreal in the Fall of 2006 and it’s something I’ll never forget. The only other time I have been that pumped up watching someone pitch was in Justin Verlander's no-hitter. And Kenny had all Tiger fans energized for every start towards the end.

Magglio Ordonez, Pudge Rodriguez, and Placido Polanco get most of the credit for the Tigers run, but none of it would have happened without Rogers.

Plus, dumping the champagne on the cops was awesome, too.

What Happened To Him?
Age caught up to “The Gambler” in 2008 and he realized that his time as an effective pitcher was up. He is retired, but I think he would make a tremendous pitching coach someday.

Info ripped off of baseball-reference.com and Wikipedia.
Pics via Google.

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