Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The New Cats

A quick look at the guys we've apparently received for Curtis Granderson and Edwin Jackson.

Max Scherzer

Scherzer is a guy that if he stays healthy, is going to form quite the "Big Three" with JV and Kid Rick. Here is a quick look at his 2009 season in Arizona.

8-11, 4.12 ERA, 30 GS, 170.1 IP, 63 walks, 174 K's, 1.34 WHIP, .253 BAA.

In 17 of his 30 starts, he struck out at least 6 batters. We know that Double D digs the strikeout. Lefties hit .265 with 11 homers off of Max. Righties hit .239 with 9 homers.

The coolest thing about "Mad Max"? He has heterochromia. That means that his right eye is blue and his left one is brown. See?


Daniel Schlereth

Schlereth is the son of ex-Denver Broncos lineman and current ESPN talking head, Mark Schlereth. I'll try not to hold that against him. He played a bit last year in the pros, too.

1-4, 5.89 ERA, 21 games, 18.1 IP, 15 walks, 22 K's, 1.64 WHIP, .221 BAA.

He's another power arm from the left side and has been compared to Billy Wagner in a couple posts I've seen. Oddly enough, in a small sample size, lefties hit "Stink Junior" better than righties, .222 with 1 homer to .220 with 0 homers.

Sadly, unlike Scherzer, he isn't deformed in any way, unless you count his uncanny resemblance to his father.

Phil Coke

"Cokehead" (I'm so original) comes from the Yankees and is another lefty releiver. Goodbye, Bobby Seay? Last year, Coke was a big part of the New York bullpen.

4-3, 4.50 ERA, 72 games, 60 IP, 20 walks, 49 K's, 1.07 WHIP, .209 BAA.

Coke had a .081 WHIP against lefties that ballooned to 1.46 against righties. He's being viewed as a "throw in" type player in the deal, but could be a decent situational guy late in games.

Austin Jackson

This kid is the key. If he develops into a solid outfielder, the deal is a win. If he turns out to be Brian Hunter, Dave Dombrowski is going to be remembered in a Randy Smith type way for letting a guy like Curtis Granderson leave Detroit. Jackson spent last year in AAA for the Yankees.

.300, 4, 65, .354 OBP, .405 SLG

"Action" Jackson (original!) had 23 doubles and 9 triples in '09. He also stole 24 bases and was only caught 4 times. He has speed, obviously. But 40 walks and and alarming 123 strikeouts have me worried about his lead off ability. But we're used to a lead off guy that strikes out, I guess. Will he be ready to take over the huge center field of Comerica Park in 2010? I'm worried that they're going to feel the need to rush the kid. We'll see, I guess.

Not a bad haul for a guy we got for Matt Joyce and a, let's face it, guy that should only start against righties. Too bad Grandy was such a great guy. I'm just upset that I have to root for a Yankee from now on.

Just imagine the welcome Curtis is going to get in his first game in pinstripes at Comerica Park. I'll bet it dwarfs the ovation that Pudge received his first game back.

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