Thursday, December 3, 2009

The DNR 25: Missed The Cut

Later this week, assuming I sober up at some point, I'll start my countdown of favorite 25 players that I've seen play for the Tigers. But first, I just wanted to throw out the names of ten guys that just missed out on the full profile treatment. They remain favorites of mine, just not in the top 25.

They are:

35. Mike Heath, C
34. Bill Madlock, 3B
33. Mike Maroth, SP
32. Justin Thompson, SP
31. Dean Palmer, 3B
30. Carlos Guillen, Disabled List
29. Tony Clark, 1B
28. Timo Perez, OF
27. Dan Gladden, OF
26. Matt Anderson, RP

And on the other side of the coin, a group of guys that you will not find in any Tiger favorite list of mine...

-Paul Gibson, RP
-Kyle Farnsworth, RP
-Edgar Renteria, SS
-Gary Glover, RP
-Eric Munson, 3B
-Jason Grilli, RP
-Fernando Rodney, RP
-Clete Thomas, OF
-Nate Robertson, SP
-Juan Gonzalez, OF

Seeya in a couple days...

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