Saturday, October 3, 2009

Urge To Kill...Rising

Twins 5, Royals 4

White Sox 5, Tigers 1

Sitting through this game, I had lots of angry thoughts. The money that's been wasted on guys like Bonderman, Willis, and Washburn. The fact that we have Alfredo Figaro starting our biggest game of the year, thus far. Really? I'd have rather seen Armando Galarraga given a chance to redeem himself starting the game. I mean, your back is to the wall, who do you want on your side? Fernando Rodney's little cousin or an angry looking lesbian guy?

"Hey, guys. Let's watch ladies golf and eat tuna fish. Jackie MacMullan is awesome."

There were thoughts about the lineup. Why won't hot hitting Ryan Raburn get more at bats? Gerald Laird looks exhausted...why won't sweet swinging Alex Avila get some more starts down the stretch? Aubrey Huff hasn't been cut yet? Boy, we could've used Sheff off the bench here. Stuff like that.

But none of that matters. It doesn't matter who starts for us if we can't score more than one run against the guy that used to be Freddy Garcia, let alone Jake Peavy. And that 9th inning where Fernando picked up where Alfredo left off? Insult to injury.

The bottom line is this: the 2009 Detroit Tigers are not a very good baseball team. We are lucky to be tied for first place going into the last game of the season. We have NO BUSINESS being here! This offense is terrible. The 2009 Tigers are the luckiest team I've ever seen. It's a miracle that they're over .500. The Minnesota Twins are by far a better team and deserve to go into the playoffs.

Yup. I'm not trying to be a "glass half empty" guy. That glass broke a long time ago. I'm a realist. The Twins, without slugger Justin Morneau, have taken it to another level to reach their goal. The Tigers? Not so much. It's not that they don't want to win. They just suck at hitting a baseball. Simple as that.

Injuries haven't stopped the Twins. A huge Tigers lead in the division didn't stop them. And Zach Greinke couldn't stop them today. They truly are amazing right now. It's just a f'ing shame it is coming at the Tigers' expense.

It's not over, though. JV's going to be thrown out there to toss 130 pitches hoping we can scratch together more than a run. The Royals are going to give it one more shot at throwing a monkey wrench into the Minnesota Cinderella story. Who knows? We might still pull this off. Miracles can happen. I haven't given up hope completely.

I just hope the guys in the losing clubhouse in Detroit haven't, either. I hope Mumbles McMarlboro can come up with one hell of an inspirational speech before tomorrow's game. Otherwise...

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