Saturday, October 10, 2009

2009 DNR End of Season Awards

Sorry. Neil Patrick Harris couldn't make it. This may be the only awards type thing he won't do. Let's get right into this, shall we?


Joe Mauer, Minnesota Twins
After starting the season injured, Captain Sideburns played in 138 games hitting .365 with 28 homers, 96 RBIs, a .444 OBP, and a slugging percentage of .587. Losing Justin Morneau for the last month of the season didn't stop him or his team from overcoming the Tigers to win the AL Central. Perhaps you heard about that.
(Runners up: Derek Jeter, Kevin Youkilis)


Albert Pujols, St Louis Cardinals
Phat Albert really might be a machine after all. He lead baseball in VORP at 91.0. He hit .327, hit 47 homers, 135 RBIs, slugged .658, and had an OBP of .443. He's the best player in baseball and the best hitter I've ever seen.
(Runners up: Hanley Ramirez, Prince Fielder)

AL CY Young

Roy Halladay, Toronto Blue Jays
Surprised? Others may get more Cy Young talk, but they don't have to face the Yankees, Red Sox, and Rays every 5 days like Halladay seems to do playing for the Jays in the AL East. Facing the best competition on a sub-par team, Roy went 17-10 with a 2.79 ERA in 239 innings pitched. He tossed 9 complete games, 4 shutouts, and struck out 208. Best pitcher in baseball...period.
(Runners up: Zach Greinke, Justin Verlander, Felix Hernandez)

NL Cy Young

Tim Lincecum, San Francisco Giants
Even having Edgar Renteria man shortstop this year couldn't stop "The Freak" from going 15-7 with a 2.48 ERA for the Giants. He went 225.1 innings, struck out 261 batters, threw 4 complete games, and had 2 shutouts...all this while weighing less than Barry Bonds' head. Impressive.
(Runners up: Cris Carperter, Adam Wainwright, Matt Cain)

AL Rookie of the Year

Rick Porcello, Detroit Tigers
I may be biased, I admit. But if JV couldn't pitch game 163 for Detroit, Kid Rick was the guy I wanted on the mound. 14-9 and a 3.96 ERA at the age of 20. When I was 20 years old, I spent my evenings begging people to buy me beer. This guy is pitching in front of millions...and doing it well. I can't wait to see what the future holds for the Dreamboat.
(Runners up: Andrew Bailey, Elvis Andrus)

NL Rookie of the Year

Andrew McCutchen, Pittsburgh Pirates
I admit...I follow Pirates baseball about as much as I follow "All My Children". But the kid put up decent numbers of .286, 12, 54, .365, .471 playing on an awful Pittsburgh team. Can't wait to see who he's traded to in four years.
(Runners up: Tommy Hanson, Chirs Coghlan)

AL Manager of the Year

Ron Gardenhire, Minnesota Twins
Dammit. I'm not going over this again. See Mauer.
(Runners up: Ron Washington, Joe Girardi)

NL Manager of the Year

Jim Tracy, Colorado Rockies
Taking over a seemingly hapless Rockies team 49 games into the season, Tracy lead the Rocks to a 73-40 record the rest of the way winning the NL Wild Card.
(Runners up: Tony LaRussa, Joe Torre)

Tigers MVP and Cy Young

Justin Verlander, SP
Verlander was a beast on the mound this year. After a rough start, he put in the best season by a starting pitcher since Jack Morris' days in the 80's. He went 19-9 with a 3.45 ERA and a league leading 269 strikeouts. We're not worthy, Justin. We're not worthy.
(MVP Runners up: Miguel Cabrera, uhhh...)
(Cy Young runners up: Edwin Jackson, Rick Porcello)

Most Improved Tiger

Rod Allen, Color Commentator
Say what, Rogo? Bear with me. I used to hate Rod Allen. I thought he was garbage. But this year, Rod has grown on me quite a bit. More and more, he is making better points during the games. And it's at the point that when I'm watching other baseball games...I start thinking "Man, this would be better with Rod and Mario." Perhaps, I'm just getting soft in my old age...
(Runners up: Edwin Jackson, Ryan Raburn)

Tiger Blog of the Year
Bless You Boys
BYB is the blog that led me into what you see here, for better or worse. (I'll leave that up to you.) Ian's hard work has given many a Tiger fan a place to gather to watch games and experience the ups and downs of being a Tiger fan. Despite encouraging the Cult in their love of Clete, BYB is the most fair and balanced Tiger blog out there, in my opinion. Thank you, Ian, and all those who contribute to Bless You Boys.
(Runners up: Too Many To List)

Funniest Tiger Blog of the Year
Roar of the Tigers
Samara Pearlstein is a genius. Pure and simple. Funny cartoons, great photos, and witty comments are abound at RotT on a daily basis. Bravo, Sam.

Best Blog Piece I've Seen This Year
My Evening With Ernie
By J. Ellet Lambie at Eye of the Tigers
One of the greatest stories I've read about the wonderful man that is Ernie Harwell. Thanks for sharing this with us. Please check it out if you haven't had a chance.

And's the BIG MOMENT! Time for this year's BEST PICTURE! The nominees are...

Terminator 4
Starring Justin Verlander as an emotionless cyborg sent to Earth in the year 2009 to lead a mediocre baseball team in its quest to win the worst division in baseball.

The Hangover
Starring Joel Zumaya as a promising fireball throwing pitcher who keeps getting hurt and stalling his once promising career. What's a guy to do with all that money and all that time off? Get wasted, of course! (late season cameo by Miguel Cabrera)

The Full Monty
Starring Edwin Jackson as a baseball pitcher that gives stripping a shot as a way to make extra money. A real hit with the ladies...

Brokeback Mountain
A heartbreaking tale starring Miguel Cabrera and Andy Van Slyke as two men that love and appreciate each other no matter what society thinks. Sadly, when Van Slyke said "I wish I could quit you", no one realized that he would do just that mere days after the season's finale...possibly due to Cabrera's drinking problem.

Saving Private Ryan
A gory film about security guards and their attempts to keep Tiger fans from killing Ryan Raburn after seeing him play defense in the outfield.


Starring the Minnesota Twins?

Dammit, they did it again!


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