Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Notes From Tigertown

Around the web...

* Drew Sharp wrote a positive piece on the Detroit Tigers. When reached for comment, Satan screamed, "Can't you see that hell is freezing over! Leave me alone!"

* Jarrod Washburn is playing like crap possibly due to a sore knee, says Morosi. works as an excuse for Brandon. Why not Jarrod? Now all Washburn needs are really ugly forearm tattoos of his kids' names...

* Noted Tiger killer, Jim Thome, is off to Mannywood. Most are viewing this as the White Sux waving the white flag and leaving it a two team race between the Twinkies and the Tigers. I'd like to think we have this wrapped up, but Leyland's Tiger teams of September's past have seemed to gather losses like Miguel Cabrera gathers lint in his belly button. Eww.

* Roar of the Tigers continues to be the most smile-inducing Tiger blog on the web. Plus, Sam brings up a good point that I've noticed about Edwin Jackson. He hasn't been his early-season self lately. In fact, JV seems to be the only starter pitching like it's, oh I dunno, THE MOST IMPORTANT TIME OF THE YEAR? We need EJax and Washburn back on

*Jen at Old English D continues to try and goad me into a fight over the fact that I have a kid (and drinking problem) to support and can't drive to Detroit every day for baseball games when washed up, lazy-eyed, overpaid idiots make their first start of the year. Do me a favor and call her names for me. It doesn't work when I do it.

Behave yourselves, kids. I'm leaving for South Carolina for a week. If we're not up at least 5 games when I get back, I'm blaming all of you.

Take care, bitches...seeya.

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