Friday, September 11, 2009

Nate or Bondo to the Mets?

Hey, kids. Back from vacation. I was burned, electrocuted, my car broke down, I was abandoned, possibly food poisoned, and I'm now broke. It was fun. (I'm being serious.) I'm a bit tied up with work and getting things in order, but had to make a quick comment on this from the New York Post.

I'd take a bag of broken baseball bats for Nate, sure, but Luis Castillo? Is Polly not coming back a definate all of the sudden? Would we even consider giving up on Bondo after all that's happened? How long was I gone, for crissakes?

Did Scott Sizemore die?

Or is this guy completely clueless and/or nuts? I usually can smell my own kind.

Came back to a 7 game lead. Down to 5 1/2. My bad. Let's see if we can make Canadian bacon out of some Blue Jays.

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