Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wash-Burned: And The Day Started Out So Nice

So, coming off of Boozefest '09 in Cleveland over the weekend, I took the Rogomobile to Detroit yesterday to see Jarrod Washburn's Tiger debut against the Orioles. I was happily surprised to see that the I-75 construction was done since it was still a mess a couple months ago for my last Tigertown visit. So, my friend, Derek, and I got to Detroit much earlier than I expected and hit up Hockeytown for a drink or two. Hockeytown's a bit pricey, but they happen to have my favorite beer, Anchor Steam, on tap. So, we had a couple there before hitting the park early. It was Tiger All Star poster day. We were lucky enough to receive one of these bad boys.

Brandon looks so happy to be there, you can't help but feel good for the little guy. We stopped by the main Tiger Shop to check things out before they got too busy. As usual, they featured a lot of stuff I'd be interested in buying, but it's usually priced $20-$50 more than I'd be interested in paying for it. Then, I saw this gem...

Nate's pic was priced at $3.00. Sadly, that was $2.99 more than I wanted to part with for it. You can find most of the stuff much cheaper on Then, I saw that Luke Scott was NOT playing and that Wilkin Ramirez had been called up for the game. Sweet, I thought. Anyhoo, we made our way to our seats and it was a beautiful day. Or at least I thought it was.

You probably can't read it on the scoreboard, but the girl they brought out for the first pitch ceremony was the winner of some contest where you had to vote for Inge 100 times to get into the All Star Game. Now, look. I voted for the guy. 7 or 8 times, I believe. But 100? Sigh. If you've been here before, you know that Mr. Inge is not my Tiger. This could not be a good sign of things to come for me.

Washburn took the mound to a decent amount of applause. Five minutes later when Nick Markakis singled in the O's first run, you could hear a pin drop in Comerica Park. Brian Matusz made his MLB debut and made the Tigers' batters look inept as only they can on their "off" days. By the time Washburn had been chased in the 6th, the game was out of hand and I was quite annoyed. An inning before, we had been on tour of the field checking out how many Inge jerseys people were wearing, a favorite game of mine when the Tigers are losing. Granderson and Verlander jerseys are usually the most popular Tiger jerseys and shirts that people wear, but I always enjoy seeing who is wearing Brandon's number, other than young girls, of course. That's a given.

Goofy douchebag guy?

Check. Older drunk woman trying to look cool?

Check. Fat guy with no business in a sports uniform of any kind?

Check. Fat black guy?

Che...wait. Is that a Nate shirt? Awww...fat black guy...I thought you had more self respect than that. (This coming from a guy that wears his Higginson jersey everywhere.)

By the 7th, we were bored and fed up. The game was well out of reach. I was kind of upset that I passed up seeing Nate start back home in Toledo instead of coming to Detroit. I probably would have got arrested after the homer he gave up, though, so I was probably better off. But before leaving, we were walking past the memorabelia that they sell and I was checking out the Al Kaline jersey for $150. Not bad, I thought. Then I saw an Inge one going for $275. I nearly broke into tears as we headed for the exit, the earliest I've ever left a Tiger game.

What has the world come to?

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