Monday, June 29, 2009

So...What'd I miss?

Hey, kids. It's been a while. What happened while I was gone?

-The Tigers are 8-2 in their last 10 games, good enough for a 42-33 record and a 4 game lead in the Central. They're even getting a bit more national attention lately, however, it's usually joined by a comment from whatever snarky announcer saying to "keep an eye on the Twins". Wow...that's a reach. Just give our boys their due, please?

-Carlos Guillen's agent says that our oft-injured outfielder(?) may be back in July since he's finally feeling better. this good news? I'm enjoying seeing Marcus Thames play on a regular basis, as well as seeing DNR favorite Josh Anderson get playing time, whenever possible. Who is going to get screwed over when Carlos comes back? Newly short haired Ichiro Ordonez? No, probably Marcus. Poor guy...he at least should be used to it by now.

-Figaro sent down, French called up. Well, thank goodness. I dub French "The Tickler", giggle every time he throws a pitch, and the guy gets sent down. I want to see what we have in Mr. French, as Mr. Figaro became my enemy as soon as I found out he and Fernando Rodney were related.

-Speaking of which, how is Rodney still perfect in save opportunities? It's amazing...I go through Rolaids like Leyland goes through Marlboros whenever the guy pitches and he's 17/17 in saves this year. Todd Jones does a facepalm when Rodney pitches. I dunno...keep good work?

-Finally, Our Hero has landed himself on the disabled list once again, this time with a cyst-like mass on his vagina, er, left elbow. After failing to record an out in his last two appearances, I was expecting him to disappear with a stress disorder, due to a contagious Dontrelle. But this will do, I guess. Nate thus far in 21 innings pitched has a 7.74 ERA, a 1.86 WHIP, and opposing players are hitting .287 off of him. The Tigers are 5-16 this year overall when Nate pitches. Take your time coming back, Mr. Robinson. Jesus loves you more than you will know...whoa, whoa, whoa.

Allrighty. The disappointing Oakland A's are next on the schedule. Lets end the first half of the season on a good note, shall we?

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