Saturday, May 16, 2009

A New Hero Emerges

Tonight's beatdown of the A's was fun to watch after the torture of the past few days in Minnesota. I could talk about Raburn finally doing SOMETHING and hitting a Grand Slam. I could talk about Inge's bomb making it the first time the Tigers have had two grannies in a game since 1968. I could mention EJax continuing to dominate. Magglio finally had a good game. Etc, etc, etc. I could talk about all that. (I think I just did?) But, no. There is something WAY more important here.

Luke French made his debut with a 1-2-3 ninth. This guy is screaming for a nickname.

Frenchy? Too obvious.

French Fry? Too greasy.

Cool Hand Luke? Maybe...but what else do we have?

French Bulldog? Hasn't earned it.

French Toast? Only when he pitches poorly.

Luke Skywalker? Nate...I am your father. That made no sense...

Saint Luke? No. Religious people get angry easily.

The French Connection? No. We would need another Froggy guy for that. Wait a minute...

The Frog? The kids would get into that...

The French Kiss? I like that for whatever his strikeout pitch is.

Luke Perry? When French and Ryan Perry pitch in the same game? I'm sorry...

The French Revolution? I'll save that for a blog title one day...

Victor French? He was the bearded guy in the A's hat on "Highway To Heaven". Screw the A's.

Luke-Kemia? That will make people sad...

The French Tickler?

Luke French, I dub thee "The Tickler". Good luck in your stay in Detroit.

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