Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lyon Heart

It's hard to remember back to back heartbreaking games like these two to the Twins. I'm a bit sick to my stomach and tired of throwing up in my mouth watching this bullpen the past two days, but I would like to say one thing.

Thanks, Brandon Lyon. You tried. Lyon had no business being in the game as long as he was. Shame on the Tigers management for not having a full team available for the game. Sure, you don't usually see a 13+ inning game coming, but if Nate's really been hurt this long, they should've been prepared. Everyone, including myself, has given Lyon a hard time so far. But for him to be out there, 60 pitches in, and still throwing while clearly out of least he tried. And he took one for the team. Too bad they didn't get another inning out of Rodney.

Damn you to hell, Joe Crede: Tiger Killer. But I'm more upset with Tigers management right now. Bring on the A's. Hopefully things will go a bit better with them.


Kurt said...

seriously. they knew it bothered Nate since Sunday. And they finally do something about it after the damage to the win-loss column has been done? Lyon did good to stand out there for as long as he did.

Dan said...

Well first off Verlander had no business coming in their for the 7th to begin with. He threw I believe 115 pitches through 6. He was brilliant but thats a ginormous loud already. Ace or not that was a big mistake and it put 2 runners on. We only lost 6-5 so take what you will but our bullpen doesn't do well with runners on in the first place.