Friday, April 10, 2009

Game 5: Homecoming


Quite the drubbing of the Rangers today. Senor Ding Dong hit another homerun today, this one a grand slam, as the Tigers romped. I haven't enjoyed watching a ballgame this much since the '06 playoffs. Well, I'm sure I have, but the memory of all of last year's defeats combined with my drinking problem...well, you know.

-Guillen's defense in left scares me. We've got Granderson and Inge as part time left fielders at this point as Carlos has the mobility of roadkill, despite what Rod and Andy Van Slyke may be trying to convince upon me. Great grab by Brandon in the first, by the way. Little prick continues to try to win me over...

-Fox Detroit. STILL with the "April in the D" crap. Then they have prostitutes in the stands singing it. And worst of all...they gave Rod a "FILTHY" graphic. Don't encourage him, FSN.

-Armando pitched the best game of his career today going 7 innings, allowing 1 run, and striking out 8. Plus, he looks exactly like this lesbian that used to come into a bar I used to work at and I find that funny. So, great job, Armando!

-Miguel and his 6 RBI's. Senor Ding Dong (yes, that's my vote in "Nickname Miguel Contest") is rolling so far.

-Kris Benson's wife is still hot. His pitching? Not so much and that's good for us on both counts.

ON DECK: JV tries not to suck tomorrow as we look to get back to .500. Our ace against their #5. Hope we bring the bats again...

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