Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Game 2: Lyon, The Tiger...oh my.


Well, that wasn't fun. Edwin Jackson was a beast on the mound tonight until a late dinger by Scott "Why Aren't I On The DL Yet" Rolen made it a 3-1 game. Brandon Lyon came in and proceded to show he's a real Tiger reliever and give up a 3 run homer to seemingly blow it. Surprise early MVP Candidate Brandon Inge hit a 9th inning homer to tie it. Lyon, however, wasn't done. He bumbled his way into a bases loaded, one out situation that screamed for Ryan Perry or even (kill me) Fernando Rodney to come in for a chance at a ground ball or a K. But Leyland sat and stared and fly ball pitcher Lyon gave up a sac fly to lose it in an event that Stevie Wonder saw coming. Horrible stuff by Lyon.

-Brandon Lyon. Way to shed the "Todd Jones Jr." stigma you were given early on. Welcome to the team, dick.

-Gerald Laird. Hitting 6th (where Sheff would've been) he popped up to kill a bases loaded rally that would have blown the game open in the late innings. Sorry to keep beating this Sheff horse when all of you hate the guy so much, but I can't help it. $14 million dollars and you let him walk.

-Leyland. Why did he stay with Lyon so long when everyone in the world watching the game knew he had no chance at closing it out? Why did you even bring Perry up north, Jim?

-Double D's sweater. Holy hell, that was ugly.

-Jackson. Outstanding first effort for the guy we traded Matt Joyce for. Matt who? Exactly. Keep it up, big guy. We can't blow them all.

-Inge. The new stance is working. I still hate your guts, Brandon, but you may win me over yet.

-Miguel Cabrera. Another two hit day. Keep it up, big man.

Zach Miner gets the ball tomorrow in a chance to show that he belongs. 0-3 does not sound good, so let's hope he has his head on straight...and that Leyland gives the team a chance to win.

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Dan said...

Dude your hysterical, that sweater DD had on was truly hideous!

Speaking of hideous, I'm glad I wasn't the only one that had that gut feeling that well. Lyon was in fact going to blow the game.