Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fox Sports Detroit Annoys Me

Allow me to add my frustration to that of Jen and others at the lack of Tigers on TV this Spring. The game against Maggs and the boys would have been fun to watch. Hell, ANY game would be fun to watch. In Toledo, OH, where I live, we get FSN Detroit and also STO, Sports Time Ohio. STO is home of the Indians, those racist logo, Grady's Ladies, PRONK NEED ROIDS, bastards. But not only did STO have the first three Indians games this Spring, they've got at least four or five more coming up. They also have Tribe Time, which as you can imagine, is their show on all things Racist Logo. There's also a daily call-in show that's basically all about the Indians and Browns. Etc, etc, etc. I'd kill for that for the Tigers.

I get that FSN is a Fox station and not an independant one like STO. But still, it blows. We're getting four games this spring. Two against the Braves (of the 50 we seemingly play against Atlanta this Spring), one against those pricks in St. Louis, and one against Florida. Yippie. Would it really be that difficult or expensive to show something other than the Best Damn Guys Getting Hit In The Nuts With Random Sports Balls? Give me some Spring ball!

When I was a kid, I seem to remember watching a decent amount of preseason games. Kell and Kaline would be calling the games and we'd get a decent look at the kids 'o' the future and the old favorites. I loved it. And I would love it now, especially in a year when the Tigers have so many questions to be resolved in Spring.

Is Gary swinging the bat better? How are Laird and Everett (and his #4 jersey, grrr) adjusting? Has Inge made contact? Is JV going 3-2 on every hitter? Can Dontrelle find the zone? Has Lyon grown a Todd Jones mustache yet? Is Nate doing Pilates in the dugout? Sure, I can read about this stuff online, or worse, in the Freep, but I'd rather see it with my own eyes. Like I did when I was younger...when I became a fan. The NFL is all over the TV during preseason. MLB is Yanks and Sawx. Manny. Roids. Not everyone cares about that stuff...I know I don't. But it's all anyone shows anymore.

Obviously, I don't know particulars in today's world about TV contracts and how many games can be shown. FSN is showing, I believe, every regular season game this year, either on FSN or FSN+. That's a good thing, I guess. So, it's online reading for us all until Monday, 3/16. Tigers/Cardinals at 1pm. Revenge for '06!

I know. It's Spring Training. But it's something. I can't take watching any more of this Indians crap.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, clearly you don't know anything about TV contracts. I would imagine it costs just as much to produce a spring training game as it does a regular season game. I also figure it gets a fraction of the viewership and sponsorship. We as Tigers fans should feel fortunate that all regular season games are on TV. As it is, the 4 samplings on FSD and a couple of MLB Network are plenty for me - especially when most of the regulars were gone for a good part of spring training.