Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fun With Numbers

I was checking out Yahoo's page on the Tigers and they had some interesting numbers that I hadn't seen yet from last year. This led to me looking at other unusual stats and whatnot from the team...unusual meaning not Nate's ERA or Inge's batting average. Here's a few that stood out to me in no particular order.

.472: The OBP of opposing hitters against Verlander when he's over 100 pitches. (In his case, that usually means the 5th or 6th inning.)

.464: Batting average of opposing hitters against Verlander when he's behind in the count.

25: Home runs by Brandon Inge the past two seasons combined. He hit 27 in 2006.

.323: Opposing batting average against Edwin Jackson in the first inning.

17: Batters that Dontrelle Willis faced that got a 3-0 count against him. All 17 walked.

160: Games played by Miguel Cabrera last year to lead the team. Maggs was second with 146 and Polonco and Granderson tied for third with 141. Thanks, Miguel.

5: Homeruns by Mike Hessman in only 27 at bats. That's a dinger every 5.4 at bats. Give him a chance.

7: RBIs by Hessman. Get some guys on for him, too!

9: Strikeouts by Hessman in 27 at bats. Sigh.

28: Homers allowed by Galarraga to lead the team. Nate was second with 26. Too bad we quit letting him start.

0: Homeruns allowed by Clay Rapada last year in 21.1 innings pitched. The only other guy to pitch for us last year to not allow any homers? Yorman Bazardo didn't give up any in his 3 IP last year. He did, however, have a 24.00 ERA in those 3 innings.

3,202,645: Home attendance of the Tigers last year. A team record. That's a lot of pissed off people.

1: Complete game by Verlander to lead the team.

2.07: K/BB ratio of Galarraga to lead the team.

71: Walks to lead the team. The leader? Granderson, of all people.

12: Granderson's steal total...again, the team leader, somehow.

8: Times Inge got hit by a pitch to lead the team. Opposing players don't like him either.

27: Times Magglio hit into a double play to lead the Tigers. I thought that was Gary and Renteria's job.

6: Blown saves by Rodney. Zumaya had 4 in his limited time. Hideki Okajima and JJ Putz lead the AL with 8. Strangely enough, K-Rod had 7.

135: The best ERA+ of any guy to pitch in a Tigers uniform last year. The guy? JASON FREAKIN' GRILLI! Second? Denny Bautista with an ERA+ of 134. Man, we sucked last year.

Finally, our records against the AL Central. 6-12 vs. the White Sox. 7-11 vs. the Indians. 7-11 vs. the Royals. 7-11 against the Twins. No wonder we finished last. We only had winning records against three AL teams. We were 4-2 against the Yankees. 7-3 against the Mariners. Finally, 6-3 against the Rangers. We went 13-5 against the NL.

Enjoy Spring Training kids. We're finally here.

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