Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tigers in USA Today Sports Weekly

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This week's issue of USA Today Sports Weekly has organizational reports for the Tigers and Giants. To save you the $1.75 you'd have to drop to check it out, here's some highlights.

-We need help at shortstop, catcher, and in the bullpen. Also, the sky is blue, water is wet, and Ozzie Guillen is a nutjob. Thanks a lot, USA Today.

-Interesting note: In 2005, our highest paid player was, my lord and savior, Bobby Higginson at $8.9 million. This year, Dontrelle Willis, Carlos Guillen, Jeremy Bonderman, Gary Sheffield, Miguel Cabrera, and Magglio Ordonez all have salaries between $10 million and $18 million.

-DD on why Verlander sucked this year: "If we knew, we would have fixed it at the time. He just has to pitch better." Mr. D...I keep defending you on my crappy blog. Don't make dumb comments like this anymore. You sound like a moron.

-DD thinks part of Dontrelle's problem this year could have been the Tigers adjusting his delivery. Translation: "Chuck Hernandez is a piece of dog crap." I guess Chuck taking the rap is better than saying Willis was 25 pounds overweight all year and you should have seen him pitch before giving that extension, huh, David?

-Renteria, Guillen, and Cabrera sucked at defense last year. Yes, they pretty much point out the obvious throughout this three page spread.

-The last page is a prospect report with bits on Iorg, Worth, Porcello, Larish, Strieby, Rhymes, Fien, Kibler, Marte, and Simons. Thankfully, they didn't compare Rhymes to David Eckstein. Scariest bit on all of them? Their comment about Casey Fien: "His biggest challenge is to be consistent in keeping the ball down in the zone." Uh oh...

-Overall, I actually feel a bit better about the club than I did in my last post where I basically declared the team a sinking ship. Check it out if you've got seven quarters burning a hole in your pocket.

Other than that, have a Happy Thanksgiving. I'm pretty sure all of our $10 million men will be.

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